LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

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> > LNHers:

<the snipster!>
> Pantra.

Do we want to tweak her name a bit?  I've always been vaguely
uncomfortable about it being only one letter off from the name of a
character who was so similar and so thoroughly removed from general
use. (Of course, *her* name was only one letter off from one of the
actual copyrighted characters she was a parody of, but that might just
make it worse...)

> And I'm open to Minority Miss being an LNHer if other writers
> think she's a good fit, I just don't have any story ideas for her.

Hmmmm!  To make her more usable, let's streamline her powers: She has
any power that exactly one other member of the LNH has.

(Indeed, you could tie this in to the origin of the LNH: The New LNH
Member Detector decided that they didn't have enough of certain
powers, so it somehow *changed* the powers of a new applicant.)

> Since we haven't heard from Saxon about using ARAK, I'll propose a new
> character: Obsessive Archive Lad. Some inspiration from Kid Recap and
> ARAK, but characterization focused primarily on archive.org, and also the
> curator of the Trophy Hall. I guess he probably has powers, but I'm a bit
> in too much of a hurry to figure out what they are (really should be in
> the office already).

Hmmmm.  Methinks this is the kind of thing Saxon would be interested
in, and he's just busy and unable to tackle the ridiculous number of
posts (187 so far in November alone!).  So I don't want to step on his
toes if he does want to bring ARAK in.

That said, a character like this would be useful.  How about... ah!
My planned revamp of Library Lad could step in here.  I'll make a post
on that...

> I guess we need more. My own villains... well, Paraddox has been done,
> he's not invited. The Psycho Prankster would probably fit well, though.

That works.

> A time traveller would be nice. How about Mother Time (revamped to have
> no relation to the non-existent Crapper)?

Hmmm, yes!  Tamela Reddy, harried and hurried college student who's
been late for things her whole life, sells her soles to the Shoe Devil
in exchange for a time-controlling hourglass.

> > Kiwis (Green? Purple?)
> green.


> > Questions:
> > * Which characters are members of the Five Years Earlier LNH - that is,
> > founding members?
> Pantra is definitely a noob. I could imagine MM being a founder, even
> though it requires a different origin story. And the good Professor.

With the backstory idea I put above, I'd say MM would be one of the
first new members after the team came together.  The Professor could
be a founder; depends on his backstory, I suppose.

> Not mine, my vote is for:
> - Fearless Leader
> - Agent M: that depends on your plans for her story

Hmmmm.  Does FL have a military background in this, is the question...

> - Doc Nostalgia
> - The Router
> - Kid E (if he's that old, I'd like to write some flashbacks of him and
>   Professor Penumbra having weird adventures in the late 90s, early 00s)

That'd be pretty awesome.  Urban fantasy flavor in a temporarily low-
powered setting!

> - Either You're-Not-Hitting-Me-Hard-Enough Lad or Master Blaster

Good choices overall.  That said, I definitely want to include some
younger characters, members of this new generation, who would've been
protesting, in the Waffle Queen's school, or otherwise affected.
You're-Not-Hitting-Me-Hard-Enough Lad could go in that slot...

> > Mister Morrison: A being from the 16-dimensional infosphere of Hexworld.
> #win

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, thankyew verreh much.

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