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>                           PROFESSOR STOMPER #1

Changing it to "Professor" makes sense in this context.

>   “I don’t understand,” Joy told me.  “Darwin’s idea was that the fit
> survive.  Doesn’t ethical behavior enable the weaker ones among us to
> survive?  Isn’t that ultimately bad for a species?”

Makes some amount of sense that Cynical Lass would say this.

>   James raised his hand.  “Oh, yes, I saw the movie A Beautiful Mind!
> He could crack codes so the government wanted him to be a spy.
> Except, actually, he was crazy and it was all in his head.  Oh, God,
> I’m sorry if spoiled the movie for anyone!”


>   “Sort of like when Irony Man helps people,” Catherine suggested,
> “because he can.”
>   “Exactly.”
>   “We should do that too,” Catherine suggested.
>   “Do what?” Joy asked.
>   “We should be heroes and help people.”

Altruism!  Double woo!

>   “Actually, I think Catherine is on to something,” James said.
>   “You would.”
>   “What does that mean?” he asked.
>   “You always agree with her because she’s got big tits.”

I don't think he's old enough for that to matter. `.` Unless this
version is older, which is perfectly possible.

>   “Ray, please!  I was joking.”  She took another look at Catherine’s
> breasts.  “I think.”

Oh my.

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