StarFall: Official Guide to the StarFall Universe #1

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Hmmm, volume S to S, looks like.

> Known Superhuman Powers: In addition to her superhuman strength, the
> Sentinel possesses superhuman agility, durability, and senses.  If she
> has more than five feet beneath her, she will always land on her
> feet.  She is also able to see at a hundred feet what most people see
> at twenty, and hear in ranges bordering the ultrasonic.

This is precise enough that I'm wondering if you statted her out in an
RPG. (And if so, which!)

> History: As a young boy, Hugh Knight was trapped in his father's
> office building when it was caught in the middle of a superhuman
> battle on the day of the Reality Quake, only to be saved by one of the
> superhumans before they faded.

Interesting, faded, eh...

>    Hugh's childhood friends, Jeff Hawkin and Jade Wong, have assisted
> him in his efforts by infiltrating the Los Angeles underworld; in
> particular, the Los Gatos Del Rio gang and the Xiang Li Tong,
> respectively.

Which has just turned out smashing for him. >.>;

> Over her face she
> wears what appears to be a blank porcelain mask that changes shape to
> display her emotions while still concealing her identity.

Which is awesome.

>   In addition to all this, Spellbinder seems to contain a universe
> inside her, consisting of a grassy island floating in a cloudy blue
> sky. This dimension is accessible via a rift located over her heart.

Oh, that's *definitely* not symbolic.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, hoo-hoo.

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