LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 09:15:04 PST 2011

On Nov 8, 9:01 pm, Adrian James McClure <lord_sold... at yahoo.com>
> Incidentally, Andrew, I love what you did with the elements I
> introduced into Just Imagine... Again, and the revamp of Manga Man
> Gold.

Mwahahaha, excellent!

> It occurs to me that the fact there's now a new Looniverse is a
> solution to Manga Man Gold's problem of not being able to coexist with
> the original/later Manga Man. Once this storyline's over, he could try
> to establish himself on Earth-20. This could work because he's pretty
> much a completely different character from the original at this point.
> He'd have to change his name, but he's done so before. Being up
> against a whole new Legion fits his role of agent provocateur/Devil's
> advocate. He'd challenge the new Legion in the name of making them
> into heroes the equal of the ones he'd fought before, maybe to prepare
> them for some definite threat he saw when outside of time and space.

Hmmmmm.  That... honestly works better than what I was planning!
(Which was, in minimal-spoilers form, to give him a new identity and
set him up as a new Noble Villain type for the mainstream Looniverse.)


Okay, so, here's an idea; tell me if it's too "MY CREATIONS AND IDEAS
ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ONES HERE".  Basically, what if they defeat the
Hungry Past by taking that cosmic beingness and making it *into* the
new Looniverse, in some way that involves MM Gold seemingly making a
heroic sacrifice?  Pure creation would be a pretty cosmic way to close
it out.

> Also:
> W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R.--The World Headquarters for Anarchy, Terrorism,
> Elimination, Vengeance, Evil, and Revenge is a shadowy organization
> that's kinda-sorta based on NOWHERE from the current Superboy and
> Titans series. They're one of the forces after Ultimate Mercenary, but
> probably have a significant role in the wider Looniverse as well, and
> may be backing Waffle Queen in her attempt to recruit young
> superhumans.

Hmmmm, makes sense.  Especially if they had a lobbyist arm that was
seemingly their worst enemies, but were really using the threat of
them to achieve their goals.

Their leader is Ultravac--a supercomputer created from
> the brain patterns of a gangster, a mad scientist, and a chess player,
> who were respectively enemies of Doc Nostalgia, Lady Lass, and Golden
> Age Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature-Man (see below).

That is so perfectly Late-Golden-Early-Silver-Age. <3

 It is powerful,
> brilliant, and ruthless, but runs on extremely antiquated vacuum-tube
> technology, and has a pathological distrust of any newer tech. He's
> still not used to these new-fangled magnetic tapes. As a result,
> WHATEVER has a retro-future aesthetic reminscient of Original Star
> Trek, relying on highly advanced technology based on magnetic tape and
> such.

Ooooh, yes.  Stylish, and with an actual reason behind it (and a silly
one, at that~).

> It can do far more than normal advanced technology but is also
> highly prone to breaking. Ultravac's second in command is the Cat
> Lady, who works from a secret headquarters disguised as a decaying
> apartment. She's been a major net.villainess since her youth, when she
> was a sexy cat burglar. She controls a horde of cyborg cats, who make
> excellent spies and assassin. Think a cross between a "crazy cat lady"
> and a Blofield-like sinister cat-stroking villain.

That's great. XD

> Doc Nostalgia (or maybe Mr. Nostalgic)

Definitely like Doc Nostalgia better, both for the sound of it and for
the chance to riff on Doc Savage.

> --The third ever ever net.hero
> after Lady Lass and Golden Age Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature-Man (the
> fact he wasn't the first is a slightly sore point for him),

Golden Age Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature-Man was totally his name back
then, too.

> John
> Jeffries is powered by nostalgia for his destroyed home planet of
> Groupon. He aged gracefully and became one of the elder statesmen of
> the net.heroes, but the anti-entropic energy released by the cessation
> of the killfile turned him back into his brash younger self, much to
> the consternation of his wife and family.

Ahhhhh, very nice.

 He's good at inspiring
> people and has an enormous amount of experience but is incredibly
> strict, not very open to new ideas, and rather short-tempered and
> impatient. He's capable of coming up with good ideas but his preferred
> solution to most problems is punching them in the face, whether or not
> this would actually work.

I wonder what he thinks about the new generation of net.ahumans.

His personal headquarters is the Fortress of
> Loneliness in the Antarctic. After more than 50 years of superheroing
> it's become a hideously cluttered mess because he's basically a super-
> hoarder. He doesn't even remember what half the things in it even are.

Hah, I've never thought of that subversion of "trophy room". <3 But,
based on the details of his personality so far, "Fortress of
Loneliness" doesn't really fit. "Fortress of Getting Away From It

> He's been jockeying for leadership position of the LNH with
> Fearless Leader since its founding. Ultimate Mercenary also hates his
> guts and vice versa, which is ironic because Doc Nostalgia is the
> conceptual successor of Ultimate Ninja. UN is a strict, ruthless
> leader-figure who was based on the "cool" stuff that was overrunning
> comics in the 90s (ninjas), while DN is a strict, ruthless leader-
> figure who is based on the "cool" stuff that's overrunning comics in
> the 00s (nostalgia and revamps). Also both are devoted to fairly rigid
> ideals and personae that can override their own best instincts.

Ahhhh, very nice.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, revamp ninja~

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