LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 12:19:09 PST 2011

On Nov 8, 9:55 am, Adrian James McClure <lord_sold... at yahoo.com>
> I was just looking through some of my old unfinished stories and
> wondering what the group's been up to lately, and then I find this.
> Wow.

That old man was right!

> The Ultimate Mercenary is one of these Constants. He has arrived from
> the original Looniverse into the new one, but he's also always been
> there since the killfile expired, even though he shouldn’t exist in a
> world with no Ultimate Ninja.

Oooooooh.  Very nice.

(Just to make sure you know: The original is, in fact, still there.)

(I'm planning to write an issue of Just
> Imagine Saxon Brenton vs. Andrew Perron in the Return of the RACCies!
> that explains part of how this happens, and also wraps up many of the
> loose ends from his own series, but I don't exactly have a great track
> record for finishing things.)

Oh my god *yes please*.  So much of Just Imagine IV is based off the
stuff you put in Just Imagine II.

(And I'm coming back to it, I swear.  I've been pondering just writing
an issue daily, but been busy, first with work and then with this

  It’s a very mixed blessing for him. In
> a world where many of the old Legion’s core heroes don’t exist, he can
> become the major hero he’s always wanted to be. But how does Ultimate
> Ninja’s biggest fan define himself in a world without an Ultimate
> Ninja?

Oooooh.  Yes.

> Also, I would be very tempted to call his series “Ultimate Ultimate
> Mercenary.”

I approve. XD


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