StarFall: Official Guide to the StarFall Universe #1

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   Welcome to the first issue of the Official Guide to the StarFall
Universe.  Every few months or so, we will be giving you information
on some of the many denizens of the StarFall Universe.  From time to
time we will also touch upon events, locations, and unique
technologies of the universe, as well as the occasional glimpse into
other universes - such as those seen in GOING SOLO #3 and #4.
   This issue, we start off with three of the notable heroes of the
universe.  Next issue we'll probably be looking at some of the
supporting cast members.

Real Name: Robyn Holworth.
Occupation: Government agent, former soldier.
Identity: Known to the authorities.
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Other Aliases: None.
Marital Status: Single.
Known Relatives: None.
Place of Birth: Unrevealed.
Group Affiliation: United States Department of Justice and Department
of Defense; former soldier in the United States army.
Base of Operations: Washington, DC, metro area.
First Appearance: SILVER ARROW #5.
History:  Project: Sentinel came into existence around the time of the
reality quake, but no one could say with any certainty if it was
formed because of lingering effects of the quake, or was inserted into
the world *by* the quake.  It began as a joint effort between the
Department of Defense and the Department of Justice, under a previous
President's administration, to produce a warrior who would embody
America's ideals.  The project was to be one part special operations,
one part comic book science project, and three parts public relations.
   The first Sentinel had been selected from the United States Marine
Corps: Staff Sergeant Frank Stuart, a veteran of campaigns in Serbia,
Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the most recent recipient (at that time) of
the Congressional Medal of Honor.  As the Sentinel, Stuart had no
innate powers, but was highly trained in hand to hand combat and all
modern weapons.  He carried a star-shaped shield made of a lightweight
steel alloy, with the edges of the star sharpened to a very fine edge.
Stuart also used many different handguns while on assignment.  Most of
Stuart's actions as the Sentinel are currently unchronicled.
   After eight years of service, Stuart retired from the role.  His
replacement, Robyn Holworth, had risen to the rank of Sergeant in the
United States Army while serving in the Middle East.  Prior to
assuming the role, Holworth was subjected to numerous experimental
treatments which enhanced her strength, speed, agility, reaction time,
and durability.
   As the Sentinel, Holworth has participated in a number of missions
for the government.  While many of her missions have been legitimate,
the majority of them have been little more than public relations, a
role she is becoming increasingly uncomfortable with.
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Brown, shoulder-length.
Build: Athletic.
Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Uniform: Blue bodysuit with the US warplane logo on the chest, red
gloves, red boots, red belt.  The first Sentinel wore a blue full-face
mask and cowl; the current Sentinel wears a blue half-mask.
Strength Level: The Sentinel possesses superhuman strength enabling
her to routinely bench-press ten tons.
Known Superhuman Powers: In addition to her superhuman strength, the
Sentinel possesses superhuman agility, durability, and senses.  If she
has more than five feet beneath her, she will always land on her
feet.  She is also able to see at a hundred feet what most people see
at twenty, and hear in ranges bordering the ultrasonic.
Other Abilities: The Sentinel is a skilled hand to hand combatant, and
is skilled with most weapons used by the United States and NATO armed
Weapons: The first Sentinel wielded a star-shaped metal shield, with
the edges sharpened to a very fine edge, as well as a number of
conventional firearms depending on assignment.  The current Sentinel,
while equally as trained as her predecessor in conventional firearms,
commonly uses only a pair of batons.
Paraphernalia: The Sentinel's uniform protects her from conventional
firearms, despite appearing as conventional synthetic stretch fabric.

Real Name: Huberto "Hugh" Knight.
Occupation: Crimefighter, college student.
Identity: Secret.
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with no criminal record.
Other Aliases: None.
Marital Status: Single.
Place of Birth: Los Angeles.
Known Relatives: Robert (father), Maria (mother), Sharon Knight Patra
(aunt), Shaniqah Patra (alias Miss Cleo, cousin).
Group Affiliation: None.
Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California.
First Appearance: SILVER ARROW #1
History: As a young boy, Hugh Knight was trapped in his father's
office building when it was caught in the middle of a superhuman
battle on the day of the Reality Quake, only to be saved by one of the
superhumans before they faded.  This experience encouraged him to
dedicate his life to following their example.
   Not long after turning eighteen, during the summer prior to
entering UCLA, Hugh invented the identity of Silver Arrow, using his
skill at archery to combat criminals.  While at first he fought mainly
normal criminals, Arrow soon found himself facing an increasing number
of superhuman - and later costumed supervillain - adversaries.  If
given the chance, he will work to reform his adversaries, encouraging
them to give up their criminal lifestyle; he has succeeded in at least
one instance (see Doorway).
   Hugh's childhood friends, Jeff Hawkin and Jade Wong, have assisted
him in his efforts by infiltrating the Los Angeles underworld; in
particular, the Los Gatos Del Rio gang and the Xiang Li Tong,
respectively.  He maintains good relations with LA police chief Gary
   Recently, Silver Arrow discovered that what he thought was pure
archery skill was skill unconsciously enhanced by minor psychokinetic
ability.  Since then, he's been attempting to focus his telekinesis
into other avenues, but with limited success.
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Dark brown, short.
Build: Athletic; toned but not bulging muscles.
Ethnicity: Mixed Caucasian and Hispanic.
Uniform: A silver-gray bodysuit incorporating lightweight armor, with
blue boots, blue gloves, a blue belt, a silver-gray half-mask, and
blue cross-straps holding a large quiver of arrows on the back.
Strength Level: Silver Arrow possesses slightly higher than normal
human, but not superhuman, strength than a man his age, height, and
build who engages in normal intensive regular exercise.  He has been
known to bench-press around 340 lbs.
Known Superhuman Powers: Silver Arrow is a minor psychokinetic, which
until recently was purely unconscious in its use.
Other Abilities: Silver Arrow is an Olympic-level archer and has had
additional combat training, primarily in unarmed and staff combat.  He
is a skilled detective, and is studying law at UCLA.

Real Name: Chelsea (last name, if any, unknown).
Occupation: Sorceress.
Identity: Known to the mystic world, but secret outside said mystics.
Legal Status: Uncertain. Is known to have at least one functioning
false identity.
Other Aliases: Mystic Defender, Mystic Defender of the Earth
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None.
Place of Birth: Unknown.
Group Affiliation: None.
Base of Operations: Mobile.
History: Very little has been revealed about Chelsea's past.  What is
known is that she spent time in another dimension, possibly the realm
known as Ream Nine, under the care of a black-hearted woman with the
face of an angel known only as Nanny.  Under Nanny's care, Chelsea was
apparently made immortal and learned to fight, reportedly using a
"sink or swim" approach to combat.  At least one "training session"
amounted to all of her classmates beating on her with neurolash whips.
   At some point in her history, Chelsea studied the practice of
magic.  A few years after the Reality Quake, she was one of a number
of potential recruits for the position of Mystic Defender, which she
was told was to protect Earth from mystic forces that might threaten
it.  She was inducted to the position of Mystic Defender by Zeus, head
of the gods of Olympus and the Council of Allfathers which oversaw the
Mystic Defender project.
   Chelsea, at this point adopting the identity of Spellbinder, so as
to be seen as a 'superhero' when making public appearances, quickly
grew dissatisfied with her position, which mostly amounted to cleaning
up after many mystical entities who decided to live on Earth.  This
came to a head when, during a confrontation in the Faerie Realm with
the Faerie Lord known as the Queen of Loud Sorrows and the powerful
Wild Huntsman, she was presented with the truth of her situation: she
was chosen to protect mystic entities from reality, not the other way
around as she had been led to believe!
   Spellbinder then turned the tables on the Allfathers.  On the
astral plane, a temple containing the mystic bindings that tied her to
the position had been erected.  Using one of her innate abilities, an
ability that even Chelsea does not fully understand, she essentially
swallowed the temple, much like how Zeus's father, Cronus, once
swallowed his own children; what once bound her was now bonded to her.
   Since then, Spellbinder has attained a more public role as well as
attempting to collect and disable or destroy many of the more
dangerous mystic artifacts that still existed on Earth.  She does not
realize that many of her actions since she swallowed the temple have
been manipulated by the trickster gods Hermes and Loki.
Height: 5' 9".
Weight: Not telling.
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Brown, straight, not quite waist length.
Build: Athletic, borderline voluptuous.
Ethnicity: Indeterminate Caucasian mix.
Other Distinguishing Features: Freckles.
Uniform: White knee-high leather boots and elbow-length leather gloves
with a loose blue blouse and blue tights, capped off with a white
cloak with a silver badge proclaiming her office. Over her face she
wears what appears to be a blank porcelain mask that changes shape to
display her emotions while still concealing her identity. The outfit
is intended to appear archaic.
Strength Level: Spellbinder possesses superhuman strength enabling her
to bench-press around ten tons.
Known Superhuman Powers: Spellbinder possesses regenerative ability
and a strong resistance to injury, which she attributes to
immortality. It is not known how or why she became immortal, and it is
not certain that she is.
  Spellbinder is a sorceress of undeniable skill.  The full extent of
her magical powers are unknown, but a number of feats have been
observed.  First, she has the ability to fly through the air unaided.
She has also been seen using a number of spells dealing with fire and
energy, including but not limited to protective shields and
fireballs.  She is also able to reverse such effects as
transmogrification of people into animals and transmutation of people
and objects into stone; it is unknown whether she has the ability to
perform these feats herself, but evidence suggests she does.  In
addition, she knows (and claims to have invented at least one, 'Dispel
Spazz') a number of spells dealing with the human mind.
  In addition to all this, Spellbinder seems to contain a universe
inside her, consisting of a grassy island floating in a cloudy blue
sky. This dimension is accessible via a rift located over her heart.
Other Abilities: Spellbinder is a skilled hand to hand combatant.
Paraphernalia: Spellbinder's cloak has been magically enchanted to
assist her by promoting an aura of trustworthiness about her.  This
aura is not foolproof, however. She has an enchanted porcelain mask
that changes shape to mirror her own emotions. It can be safely
assumed she has a collection of other minor supernatural devices.

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