LNH/META: Duel of the Dual-Boot!

Phantasm phantom_belcher at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 5 21:48:30 PDT 2011

Man, I don't check in a day, and the group gets flooded! ;)

On Nov 5, 12:39 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Nov 2011 17:11:14 +0000 (UTC), Lalo Martins wrote:
> > Should we make a list of what characters we *have* cleared? All of mine, all of
> > Arthur's, Tom's, Andrew's, that's not a bad start, even if not exactly the
> > classics.
> Sounds good.

All of mine sans Twaeila (in her classic LNH incarnation) are cleared
for your use.

> > Howie K can stay if he's not a green kiwi (but then he might not
> > be “K”).
> I don't think "the idea of green, smart, kinda violent kiwis" is something
> we need to worry about being careful about, even though Descrii did, in
> fact, create it.  Of course, we could poke Saxon to use the purple kiwis he
> created...

Why not use the Oozelfinches?  Stupid and insane are a great
combination for the resident birds.

> > Characters we *don't* have (so far) which are more or less necessary for a
> > group like the LNH to work (maybe we do have one, I haven't gone over the wiki
> > checking the full list of character we have created):
> > - Obvious Leader. We seem to be leaning towards Fearless Leader. Hi Dave! Could
> >   we pretty please? :-)
> I still like my Skunk Girl reboot, but honestly, FL *deserves* to lead a
> Legion.

I agree, Fearless Leader deserves to lead.  Skunky could make a good
number two; don't forget that she can use her pheromones to manipulate
as well as giving a good, hearty stench-blast.

> > - Badass Ultraviolent Fighter (UN, Master Blaster) — I think we're going with
> >   the rebooted, gun-happy Twaelia, and the rebooted Pantra who isn't from the
> >   future at all.
> Works for me!  Just making sure: Ted, do you want to take the new Master
> Blaster/Twaelia/whatever-we're-calling-her-now into the Twentyverse?

Twaeila in her classic incarnation, no.  Melding her with Master
Blaster to create a new character I have no problems with.

Didn't we say we were gonna call her 'Roberta Rodriguez' or something
like that?

> > - Powerhouse (Kid Kirby, etc) — actually I think we do have a couple of those,
> >   especially if someone wants to take Minority Miss over. I know I don't.
> Hmmmmm.  An all-new character might fit well here.  Perhaps someone who is
> literally based off the "tank" role in MMORPGs?

What about CAPTAIN CAPITALIZE in this role?

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