LNH20: Earth-Twenty Roundup Thread And Getting The New Tag In There

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Sat Nov 5 15:52:03 PDT 2011

     Here's a suggestion for some of the old PD or with-permission characters
who are a bit dated, due to being tied too tightly to Usenet in-jokes, comic
tropes not used much since the 90s, or anything else that doesn't age well.
Establish a 1990s team in the backstory and put these characters in as
members or as enemies of the members.
     For instance, the Post-Time Shifter's power is less significant on blogs
and boards that have built-in threading and better time-stamping.  He'd make
a good villain for the 90s team.  And while signature files still exist, the
way Sig.Lad worked feels too tied to Usenet for my tastes, so I'd put him on
the 90s team.
     We definitely want there to have been a history of heroics, although
lampooning of NuDC could have people being willfully ignorant of that history
for one reason or another.  :)  Settings where heroes just came about
recently may have benefits, but when you want to do parodies as your bread
and butter you need to be able to reference WWII heroes or 70s heroes or

     I'm officially tossing the Society of Wireless Heroes into the pot as
one of the Golden Age historicals.  General Use, but if you have no idea what
the Goon Show is you might want to ask before writing them.  :)  
     For Silver Age, the Net.astic Nine can remain, but probably should not
be the premiere hero team.  Someone else should come up with an Avengers or
JLA equivalent that can be namedropped (and Kid Enthusiastic the immortal
could have been a member).
     We could have the 90s team be called the LNH as well, but it might be a
cleaner break if we give them a different name, perhaps one that includes
Usenet in the name somehow.  Heroes Usenetted?  Eh.  Think about it.  Perhaps
they started with a name that has alt. in it, but "graduated" to rec. status
later.  There could also be a secret military supers team with ARPANet in
their name somehow, rivals to the "amateurs" in Sig.Lad's team.

     Dave Van Domelen, contemplating a new WC named Professor Xavier Peter
Sessions...Professor Exposition.

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