[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #22: The Super Funeral Of Sharkasaurus Rex, Part 1

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Fri Nov 4 20:51:03 PDT 2011

On Wed, 2 Nov 2011 19:36:33 +0000 (UTC), Wil Alambre wrote:

> Hanaya put down his fishing rod and stood up slowly. His knees creaked
> with age, he smoothed out his long silver whiskers with a hand. "Does
> this news have anything to do with why I cannot easily catch a meal
> anymore?"
> "Yes! Oh yes!" Yohei exclaimed, trying to catch his breath. "The sky has
> fallen! The ultimate constellation, great Star Beast itself, has been
> slain!"

I just really like the *style* you write this stuff in.  

> "The survivors speak such tales that would turn your blood cold! Teeth
> the size of palaces, ripping up streets and cities in single mouthfuls!
> The devastation was so vast that the Invisible Monks themselves
> descended the Stairs To The Skies to slay the beast... struck it down
> with a blow so mighty it darkened the skies and caused the monster to
> burst!"

Wow, instant saga-ification.  Nice.

> "The gods have demanded a funeral! A great festivity in the valley! The
> guardians of heaven are to host the gods beyond space, to mourn the dead
> constellation! To this task, the Invisible Monks have sent messengers to
> all the rice farmers under the mist, to harvest all their crops for a
> magnificent feast!"

Ooooooooh.  I really like how this universe works.

> Yohei's grip of Hanaya's shoulders became solid, and he shook the old
> frame in overwrought seriousness. "Do not speak so! You are famous for
> your craft across the valley and across the continent and across Amity!
> Is it any wonder that the Invisible Monks, in all their meditations
> above the mists, have not heard of honourable Hanaya and his art? Who
> else would they have?"

...hey, wait, I was going to say how much I liked this being from a
different perspective, and then I remembered the HCC. XD But hey, this
rocks, so.

> One was a massive gecko
> like lizard, green as the richest of fields and radiating a warmth like
> a summer day. The other could nearly be his twin, a great lizard as grey
> as the thickest fog, commanding and cold like the start of a winter's
> evening.


> "And what of me?" asked Hanaya quietly of the holy lizards, yanking at
> his whiskers nervously.
> "Ho ho ho! Why, you have the grandest honor of all... you will prepare
> Sharkasaurus Rex himself!"

And, of course, the perfect capper twist ending. <3 Cosmic sushi!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, rexalicious.

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