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On 11/4/2011 10:42 AM, Martin Phipps wrote:
>                                  IRONY MAN #1
>                                 LNHX ORIGINS #1

well then.  Now that we've gone into actual storytelling, I can start 

>    But I said no.  My adviser was surprised.  He asked me why I would
> work on this armor all these years and not try to get credit for it.
> I realized that the armor I had built was unique and that if I drew up
> plans for it and then published it then it would no longer be unique.
> There would be thousands of these hard suits all over the world.  That
> saddened me.  All this time I thought I was building the suit for
> other people but I was really building the suit just for myself.
>    Then it hit me.  I never realized how much my father really loved
> me.  Nor did he realize how much I loved him.  That was ironic.  All
> these years, I had closed myself off from the rest of the world, never
> making any friends and what did I build?  A suit of armor.  Ironic.  I
> thought all this time I wanted to be a great scientist and engineer
> but then it hit me that this wasn't what I wanted at all.  On that
> day, I wasn't just Toony Stork anymore.  I had become Irony Man.

I like the explanation, both of name and armor.  Of course, if Toony's 
shown the armor to someone who can at least appreciate what went into 
it, his enemies will be trying to figure it out soon...

>    Dr. Lo Kee was right.  Us being sent in to deal with him was like
> sending in a SWAT team to handle a shoplifter.  And it was all working
> in his favor: he was just going to walk out of there and there was
> nothing we could do to stop him.
>    Or was there?
>    Occultism Kid raised one hand at him.  His eyes glowed and he said
> one word: "Sleep".
>    Dr. Lo Kee passed out.  I quickly moved in and caught him so he
> wouldn't suffer a head injury.
>    "Are all the missions going to be like this?" I asked.

Maybe it's a personal quirk of mine, but I *do* like missions that turn 
out like that.  If unlike powers clash, one will often quickly win. 
Kind of like equal quantities of fire and water.

> Irony Man based on Irony Man created by Doug Moran
> Nick Furry based on Nick Furry created by Jeff Barnes
> Master Blaster based on Master Blaster created by Robert Ramirez
> Occultism Kid based on Occultism Kid created separately by August Paul
> Yang and Josh Geurink
> Kid Kirby based on Kid Kirby created by Jameel Al Khavitz

"Based on" is a good way to preserve the original artist characters 
without saying you've taken over the character.  But isn't the point 
that the character still lives, with new writers for a new generation? 
I think the precedent for character use was set by "Superman created 
by..." .

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