LNH/META: Duel of the Dual-Boot!

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Fri Nov 4 10:11:14 PDT 2011

*sigh* ok, let's write this thing then :-P

Should we make a list of what characters we *have* cleared? All of mine, all of
Arthur's, Tom's, Andrew's, that's not a bad start, even if not exactly the

I'll add a caveat that I'd prefer if none of my characters that are closely
tied to someone else's character are brought over to the reboot. That rules
out: Analytic, Whatever (although her later sorcerer incarnation is ok, if you
change her background), Green, Contraption Boy. Pantra is ok because her only
relation to Panta is a gimmick in her origin which really isn't
essential. Howie K can stay if he's not a green kiwi (but then he might not
be “K”).

I believe the general feeling in these 5 writers is that we don't really need
to restrict to 20 members, although I'd be in favour of a
manageable/understandable LNH. Am I wrong?

Characters we *don't* have (so far) which are more or less necessary for a
group like the LNH to work (maybe we do have one, I haven't gone over the wiki
checking the full list of character we have created):

- Obvious Leader. We seem to be leaning towards Fearless Leader. Hi Dave! Could
  we pretty please? :-)

- Tech Person (Stomper, Contraption Man) — doesn't Tom have one?

- Mystic Person (Occultism Kid, various Acra/trenchcoaters) — I'd like to take
  this one, my idea for the rebooted Occie was so different from the original
  that I might as well keep it with a different name. No idea what he or she
  will be called yet. If you have a concept and/or name you'd like me to reuse,
  point me to the wiki page or post the profile if it's not in the wiki.

- Badass Ultraviolent Fighter (UN, Master Blaster) — I think we're going with
  the rebooted, gun-happy Twaelia, and the rebooted Pantra who isn't from the
  future at all.

- Powerhouse (Kid Kirby, etc) — actually I think we do have a couple of those,
  especially if someone wants to take Minority Miss over. I know I don't.

-- Lalo “listaholic” Martins

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