LNH/META: Villains!

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 18:46:43 PDT 2011

On Nov 3, 11:47 pm, Tom Russell <joltc... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Nov 3, 5:41 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > So now if you want to use Master Blaster, go ahead... except you
> > should find a valid e-mail address for Robert Ramirez and ask him if
> > it's okay.
> > Heh. :)
> > Martin
> Well, I always considered him your character, or a character created
> jointly by the both of you, but, sure, that makes perfect sense, and
> that's exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about.

The problem is not who created him but who he represents.  The same
problem exists for Pizza Girl and, yes, Ultimate Ninja.  Ultimate
Ninja originally got his powers from watching ninja movies so, yes,
Ultimate Ninja was wReam.  Then suddenly somebody gave him the name
Lenny and a drinking problem.  Thing is, not only is wReam a Mormon
but there exists a How to Write in which wReam said that Ultimate
Ninja couldn't drink alchohol or coffee, take drugs or have a
girlfriend.  So I created a new origin for wReam in which his master
specifically told him not to take drugs or alcohol or have a

The truth is that it wasn't just a question of punishing you when I
said you couldn't use Master Blaster: you had just told Jesse that he
couldn't use your characters and, the truth is, your use of Master
Blaster was a problem of similar magnitude: he was becoming your own
character with his own catch phrase and maybe you creating a Mister
Blister clone was the right thing to do before things got too out of
hand.  The more we argued the harder it would have been to tell you
what to do and what not to do with the character.

Now the LNHX versions of the LNH characters won't have the same
baggage because they are Ultimate versions of the LNH and not the
original LNH characters so it is understood that they aren't
representations of their original creators.  That being said, I won't
be like Mark Millar and make them all assholes.  In fact, the LNHX
version of Master Blaster will be less of an asshole than the LNH
version has become by this point!

I'm going to post Irony Man #1 and follow someone's suggestion about
posting one story a week, which would mean I would be finished by
December, not April, which is fine.  I don't plan on getting involved
with an all new all different LNH and if people don't want to use any
version of the original characters then having LNHX fight LNHZ isn't
going to be in the cards.  That being said, I can't stop anybody from
doing anything they like with these characters after Kid Kirby #1
comes out because they are NOT my characters... although I will create
two all new villains for the series that people can use in either the
mainstream LNH or rebooted LNH.  Does that sound fair?



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