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On 11/2/11 8:49 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
> Martin,
> I'm going to regret this, but: where did Arthur say the words "I'm
> reserving Acton Lord?"  If he didn't say those words, he didn't
> reserve the character.
> Tom

Here is every post I made on the Authors Group relating to Acton Lord
and Fearless Leader.

In none of them do I ever mention that I have reserved Acton Lord.

This was all speculation about plot.

Here are the posts.  Judge for yourself.

I'd probably be more interested in participating in the reboot.. since I 
more ideas for that one...

20 issues is a lot... and since I'd be only writing one of them (lessons I
learned from ILC... only write one issue and never write the ending)
well, good luck writing the rest of them everyone.  :)

So... this would a reboot about an LNH that has 20 members that
begins its life on April 29th, 2012... I take it?

How about this then... and since Dave is now reading this group he
might be interested in this idea... (Welcome, Dave!)

How about the Ultimate Ninja not being a part of this group... he'd
be a wildcard outsider like he was for a brief time in the classic
LNH.  How about instead Fearless Leader being in charge.. with
Catalyst Lass being his second in command... (and maybe they
have a little Rebel Yell/Lurking Girl action on the side)... and
here's the twist.... Fearless Leader is also secretly this Looniverse's
Acton Lord.... sound interesting?

I suppose I'd make Ripping Dancer one of the 20... she wouldn't
have all of the baggage that the classic one has... she'd just
be this sex goddess with ripping dancing powers...


Here's my idea for a possible overall plot for these 20 issues:

This idea depends on Fearless Leader also being Acton Lord..

Okay.  Fearless Leader picks Catalyst Lass to help him recruit a
team.  He needs this team to help him find 20 pieces of some object
(which could be the Cosmic Plot Device... or some idea that is
actually clever).  And he needs to find them all within 20 weeks.
We don't have to have all 20 members in the first week.  We could
start with six or seven and keep adding to them till we have 20
by week 19.  And the last issue set in week 20 would have
all of the LNH'rs figure out that Fearless Leader (Acton Lord) is
up to no good and stop him.

Every issue wouldn't have to focus on getting the pieces.  I mean
in some issue they could find like 5 pieces and in another issue
none.  It's basically up to the writer of the issue what it will be
about.  These pieces could be anywhere in the Looniverse
(although it would probably be easier if most of them were
on Earth.  But that's up to the writer).

The first issue I'd make a Catalyst Lass issue and it would focus
on her first week (and the LNH's first week) and maybe have
flashbacks to her recruiting various member.

And the last issue I'd make a Fearless Leader issue.  And it would
deal with the LNH stopping Fearless Leader (Acton Lord) from
whatever evil plan he has.



And as for what characters get to be in the LNH, I'd say everyone that's
participating should get two choices of who gets to be in.  Plus Catalyst
Lass and Fearless Leader.  And we leave the rest blank for now.

Here's my choices:
  Ripping Dancer
  Gothic Gorilla

Ted Brock's choices:
  Skunk Girl

Martin Phipps' choices:

Rob Rogers' choices:

Andrew Perron's choices:

Lalo Martin's choices:

And the list so far:

1.  Fearless Leader
2.  Catalyst Lass
3.  Ripping Dancer
4.  Gothic Gorilla
5.  Skunk Girl



On Oct 28, 2011, at 4:14 PM, Martin Phipps wrote:

 >Hmm.  Having Fearless Leader be Acton Lord might actually be an
 >interesting twist.  We could have a story from his point of view near
 >the end and realize that nothing was as it seemed.  Sort of like those
 >sitcom episodes where various characters describe the same scene and
 >it is never the same twice.
 >But the quest storyline is too much like the last two Harry Potter
 >movies.  Maybe that can be a subplot: Fearless Leader helps form the
 >LNH because he needs their help to find and reassemble various parts
 >of the cosmic plot device.  But it isn't a strong enough story to
 >drive the whole plot.

I don't think we really need a complex plot for this.  ILC had a simple 
People become leader for a day and then disappear.  Seemed to work
out fine.

 >He can't just tell people to go look for the
 >pieces, can he?  He has to look for them himself and not have anybody
 >know he's doing it; otherwise there's less of a surprise when he turns
 >out to be evil.

He can't get the pieces himself.  He needs their special skills to get them.
I'd say this would be his story.  He's working for the government and
he needs heroes to find these pieces for this powerful device before
some evil organization finds them and uses it to take over the world.
If the heroes find it first they could use its power to save mankind
and make everything in the world a better place.

He could also be manipulating some evil organization into finding
the pieces to make his story more believable.

I'd say Fearless Leader would be perceived by others as being
incredibly trustworthy and the last possible person to ever do
anything bad to anyone.  If he ran for office he'd get 99% of the
vote.  If he told you to fall off a cliff, you'd do it.  He's that

 >I don't know who the main villain should be.  Somebody suggested the
 >Time Crapper but I don't know why the Time Crapper would want to kill
 >the LNH.  Super Apathy Lad knows but he hasn't spelled it out yet.

Y Plex Burp could be head of the evil organization that Fearless Leader
is warning them about.



Arthur "Not Reserved…" Spitzer

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