MISC: One Day at a Time #11

James Mason mason.james.jamesmason at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 12:07:22 PDT 2011

       *You always did promise we would go to that town some day.

               But of course. No matter how things were...

Even after we got married and had three beautiful kids, you didn't stop.
                  You just added them to the equation.

              Yeah... I wonder what he's thinking about...

                              Chapter 11:
                             A Slight Error

Sir Greg: *Lifts up some very burnt metal THAT WOULD CRUSH LESSER MEN!* 

The Arch Mage: Me.

Sir Greg: Oh, do you need a hand? *By the way, she approaches him*

The Arch Mage: Yeah... *looks at her* But you need some armor.

Sir Greg: Huh? *Looks at her... self and notices that some of her armor 
is, well... not as present as all these ellipses are.* Jeez, that was 
some explosion.

The Arch Mage: How are you not hurt? I'd say that's 65% of your... it's 
coming back!

Sir Greg: So it is. Hey, where's Mike?

Mike: I'm over here.

Announcer: Sir Greg and The Arch Mage looked over, only to see that 
Mike was upside-down on his head!

Mike: Hey.

Sir Greg: Are you okay? You look kind of hurt.

Mike: Just a couple of boob-- *falls over* --oooOOOoos oooh.

Sir Greg: Yeah, you're hurt. *TUUUUURNS to The Arch Mage* Can you check 
him out?

The Arch Mage: I've rested long enough. *Gets u--* Oh, no I haven't. 
Just get him over here.

Sir Greg: *as she walks to Mike* Man, being the only mobile member of 
the group is going to be annoying, isn't it? I swear if I have to take 
care of them both, I'm going to... haven't thought about it. *picks up 
Mike* So how are you?

Mike: Eh, I just hurt everywhere.

Sir Greg: *As the world turns and she walks to the other guy* Me? I'm 
great. I have regenerating armor and you guys, apparently, don't. Good 
for me! Sucks to be you both.

Mike: Yep. Though I have a sword.

Sir Greg: Anything on that sword that can help?

Mike: Not that I know of.

Sir Greg: Good, because we're already here and I would have looked 
silly walking all the way over. *Puts Mike down - on top of The Arch 

The Arch Mage: Yeah, thanks for that. *Scans Mike or something, I don't 
know.* He's not hurt too badly, but yeah, I recomend not walking around 
for a few days. As for me, I'm just sore. Really really sore.

Sir Greg: Great, now how are we going to get home? I'm not carrying you 

The Arch Mage: I've been working on that. Just hang on to me or Mike.

Sir Greg: *Grabs Mike's hands* Oh, wh-- *Warp sound effect!* --aaaaah. 
I'm dizzy. *KLUNK*

The Arch Mage: I'm on a table!

Mike: I should get to bed.

Sir Greg: As soon as the world stops turning, we stop the burning.

Mike: I'm going to sleep. John, help me on the couch, I'm going to 

Announcer: Using magic to lift him up, John floated Mike over to the 
couch - then unceremioniously dumped him!

Mike: Good enough. Night!

Announcer: Meanwhile!

Victor Montague: HELLO? GUYS? ARE YOU HERE? *Fist-pumps using feet and 
metal don't work very well* OW! Shit! WHY!? Ahhhh! I think I found 
where they were. Can't find where they are. Maybe they went ba-- 
What's *this*?

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