META: Surface Deconstruction vs. Actual Deconstruction

Scott Eiler seiler at
Tue Mar 29 11:09:28 PDT 2011

Martin Phipps wrote:
> On Mar 29, 3:18 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at> wrote:
>> See, the thing about deconstruction is, it's mostly pointing out the flaws
>> in something
> Well, then I would say that when you give Spiderman organic
> webshooters you are literally saying "artificial webshooters don't
> make sense" (deconstruction) and then you are finding a way around
> it.

To me that's not deconstruction, that's realism.  Deconstruction is when you 
have Spider-Man say, "%@^# it, I'm going back to professional wrestling."  See, 
"Avengers Deconstructed".

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Only their myths concerned peace and contentment, and that in such a
coercive, sullen package it was obvious that the Earth humans resented
the very idea.

- from "Passing" by Elaine Radford, Aboriginal SF, May/June 1987.

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