HCC: High Concept Challeng 17 voting

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 25 21:42:37 PDT 2011

On Fri 25/Mar/2011 Phantasm (Ted Brock) replied EDMLite (Rob Rogers):
>> Any chance of my slipping in a last-minute entry tonight?
>> --Rob Rogers
>> --Plans to post either way, but would love to participate 
> I think you're about a month late; we're closing in on the end of the
> HCC18: The Unicorn/Sasquatch Wars
Well, yes and no.
I mean, obviously the *contest* for HCC17 is finished and can't be 
reopened, but IIRC people have occasionally posted a story based on 
an otherwise closed HCC.  From private email I now that both Rob and 
myself have stories that we were working on for HCC17 because we both 
wanted to use... ah, but that would be telling.  Anyway, I still want 
to finish my HCC17 story with carnivorous unicorns chasing down and 
eating zombies.  It's just that that's not likely to happen before I 
post my story about elven unicorns using Remember-To-Vote... Man as a 
proxy in their war againast the psionic sasquatches who pilot flying 
saucers with Atlantis number plates.
(and for which I might need to ask for an extention.  we'll see.)
So while a late *entry* into the contest is unworkable, a late story 
using the theme of the contest is fine.  Don't see how we can stop you, 
to be honest.
Saxon Brenton
"[The Lady of Shalott] wasn't the only one to be physically morphed by 
Reader Expectation. ...  Harry Potter was seriously pissed off that 
he'd have to spend the rest of his life looking like Daniel Radcliffe." 
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