HCC: High Concept Challeng 17 voting

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On Feb 22, 8:47 pm, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at hotmail.com> wrote:
> HCC: High Concept Challeng 17 voting
> I haven't seen any requests for an extension of time, so it looks like
> we have five entries for High Concept Challenge 17:
> * Coherent Super Stories #25  'The Sod Men'  -  Dave Van Domelen  [ASH]
> * Modern Zombies  -  Tim Munn
> * Superhuman World 2011  'Zombies vs. Vice-President Corrigan!'  
>        -  Scott Eiler [Sw10]
> * Team Xero #5  -  Jamas Enright
> * Zombies Don't Eat Living Flesh  -  Phantasm (Ted Brock) [StarFall]
> (I've also got a story in the works, which I'll really need to finish
> and get posted before semester starts next week and things get too hectic.
> I want to see if I can post at least one story a month in 2011 and
> actually *earn* these Rabbit Breeder's Cup nominations I keep getting.)
> Anyway, send your vote for one of the above five stories to my hotmail
> address < saxonbren... at hotmail.com >.  
> Voting will conclude on 28th February 2011.
> ---
> Saxon Brenton
> 'In fact in a superhero universe, teenagers may be even stupider. After
> all, the brief moment in the real world where the thought "this may kill
> me" forces it's way into their head would be followed by "this may give
> me super powers" in a superhero universe.' - jlbarnett Scans_Daily Nov 2010

Any chance of my slipping in a last-minute entry tonight?

--Rob Rogers
--Plans to post either way, but would love to participate

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