SW10/HCC: March 2011: The Perils of the Wolf-Woman!

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March 6, 2011

Hunters, Of Course - And Sasquatches And Unicorns!


The Wolf-Woman had escaped from Nashville.  She'd swam rivers to run a wide 
circle through the forest. She'd made it near Hohenwald, Tennessee.

Everywhere there'd been hunters.  There was no limit to hunting season now. Some 
had wounded her.  She'd always been able to retreat, though.  But now she was 


A Government agent had cornered the Wolf-Woman.  The agent was named Jo - and 
code-named "Super Wolf".  But Jo had a secret.  Whenever she changed shape from 
human, it was only closer to her natural Sasquatch form!

Jo had come to the outside world on a mission against a renegade Sasquatch years 
before.  She'd made friends with human law enforcement then, and stayed on with 
them.  They knew she could change shape to resemble a large furry creature with 
fangs and claws.  People called it the Super Wolf.  Jo groomed her fur to look 
more wolf-like.  She had kept the Sasquatch secret.

Now, two Sasquatch elders had come to meet with Jo.  Sasquatchi could move 
through the great North Woods and down the Big River when they had to. That 
brought the elders to the Tennessee River woods, where Jo was on the hunt.

Wolves and Sasquatchi both shun humans, but they don't fear each other. 
Sasquatchi had never tamed wolves.  So the elders had come to watch her hunt for 
this wolf-woman.


The Wolf-Woman was fleeing men with guns.  But unlike wolves, she could jump 
back with the claws of a wolf and the force of a full-grown human.  She knocked 
their guns down and chased them away.

Jo the Sasquatch was hunting the Wolf-Woman.  She'd found her prey and nearly 
isolated it.

But then a portal opened in the air.  Through it came The Unicorn.  He was a 
mighty stallion with a horn.  His thoughts were obvious to the Sasquatchi...

The Unicorn likes virgins.  He collects *special* virgins.  The Wolf-Woman may 
lactate to feed her wolf-children, but she's still a virgin!  Neither wolf nor 
man will lay with her.  But the Unicorn would.

The Unicorn has always brought virgin Earth females into his dream realm to mate 
with them.  He has *almost* always killed them and their offspring so they will 
not be legend.


The Wolf-Woman had been with wolves and men who had stallion-character.  But 
they did not lay with her; they all thought her weird.  And they were good 
protectors.  She had no reason to expect other from this new species.  So she 
nuzzled up against the Unicorn.

The sasquatch elders said, "Jo, you alone of us are trained to fight the outside 
world.  You have almost captured your prey.  But another takes it from you.  He 
means to violate her.  What will you do?"

Jo growled.


A portal opened behind The Unicorn.  From it came a well-built naked man with 
one horn, and a large walking sea creature with one horn!  The Unicorn made his 
thoughts obvious again...  These are My Children.  They will defend Me.

The Unicorn and his children were posturing.  Jo the Sasquatch knew when 
creatures did that, because she knew humans.  So she knew what to do.  Before 
her enemies could react, Jo charged The Unicorn, and flipped him over by his 
horn!  She stamped her foot on his neck, and bellowed.  Next I Break His Horn!

The Unicorn bucked, hard.  But the Sasquatch elders had already grabbed his hind 
legs.  Sasquatchi move as one when one of them has declared a purpose. Jo the 
Sasquatch had declared that when she growled.  And they knew how to immobilize 
prey.  Sasquatchi ate meat; they knew how to hunt.

The Unicorn stuck Jo's head with his legs.  She mostly blocked with her arms. 
What few blows hit, didn't hurt.  Sasquatchi are bigger than horses, even big 
horses like The Unicorn.  And she kept her foot on his neck.

Then the horned human lunged.  Jo smacked his horn aside easily. But then the 
horned sea creature struck!  Jo took a wound to her shoulder.  But she smacked 
the creature aside.


The wolf-woman growled.  She'd seen dominance fights over her before.  She'd 
learned to express her preference when the time came.  She lunged at the 
sasquatch's throat!

Jo the Sasquatch blocked the wolf-woman.  But she stepped back against this 
assault plus the others from The Unicorn's children.  This freed his neck.

The other Sasquatchi freed The Unicorn's legs.  They said to Jo, "It is decided."


The Unicorn got up slowly, but dignified.  He thought again...  You who would 
fight Dream, fight now to survive your Earth.

Then he and his brood departed, with the Wolf-Woman.

The elders said to Jo, "He is just another who leads humans.  Your prey was lost 
to him already.  We do not win when we fight that.  We will someday know whether 
we lose."


Author's Notes:

This story is in response to a High Concept Challenge of 
rac.arts.comics.creative, saying "Sasquatch - Unicorn War".  It follows up on 
the adventures of the Wolf-Woman of Iowa in 
http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2010/cauldron.htm, "Cauldron".  I have a 
reference to a super-werewolf working for the U.S. Gov at 
http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2007/socotra.htm . I also have unwritten 
stories about Sasquatchi, and I have a Dreamtime where magical creatures come 
from, including The Unicorn.

There must be some kind of special prize for me, because all this stuff is *in 
continuity* for my stories.  That is to say, I don't need to make my story 
characters tell a story to accommodate either Sasquatchi or Unicorns.

I determined the outcome of this story by a simple rule.  Now that this 
storyline has *become* the infamous Earth 2011, I take characters off the board 
instead of putting them on.  (http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2004/politics.htm)

The Wolf-Woman of Iowa actually dates back to Superhuman World 1991.  (She had 
villainous sponsors who called her "Wolven" then.)  She had wrist-mounted 
mechanical claws that she knew how to extend and retract.  (She wounded Ellipsis 
with those, back in the day.)  Her claws might be important to her survival 
right now.  Please insert a bit of claw terror in the "Cauldron" story where 
Summer fights the Wolf-Woman.

I've actually been to Hohenwald, Tennessee.  I wrote the story so that nobody 
needs to care.  But I will say, it's probably a place where hunters congregate. 
  When I considered the probable route of a woodland creature who was fleeing 
Nashville, Hohenwald automatically qualified to host this story.

I'm still publishing 2011 stories in plain text.  When I collect them onto web 
pages I'll decide what to do with them.  Possibly I'll just keep them as is, and 
run them through a filter on my web site to make them look pretty.  I find 
myself writing less to my own web pages and more to social media (such as RACC 
on good old Usenet) anyway.

(signed) Scott Eiler  8{D> -------- http://www.eilertech.com/ ---------

Only their myths concerned peace and contentment, and that in such a
coercive, sullen package it was obvious that the Earth humans resented
the very idea.

- from "Passing" by Elaine Radford, Aboriginal SF, May/June 1987.

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