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Sat Mar 12 15:10:25 PST 2011

Andrew Perron wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Mar 2011 18:59:14 +0000 (UTC), Phantasm wrote:

>> The current StarFall universe has back-
>> story that's just now being referenced (hell, Robin and I are still
>> *inventing* it! :) ), 
> Laser fructose marmoset, please!

One of my sources for my current series was a an RPG campaign.  Having player 
input led to some interesting plot twists, like "Why *can't* we have our HQ in 
the Bahamas?"

One thing I like about comic books is the shared-universe stuff.  My favorite 
writers cheerfully incorporate crossover stuff as they keep their stories going.

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Only their myths concerned peace and contentment, and that in such a
coercive, sullen package it was obvious that the Earth humans resented
the very idea.

- from "Passing" by Elaine Radford, Aboriginal SF, May/June 1987.

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