StarFall/Meta: (Re)Naming a Character

Phantasm phantom_belcher at
Thu Mar 10 17:04:41 PST 2011

I need some help, and I'm not sure where else to ask this.

Basically, I want to rename "Big G" - my one LA gang member with the
Giant-Man power-set - to something more "supervillainous". Currently,
"Big G" is his street tag; I'm looking for something a bit more like
something you'd find in the comics.  I asked several folks in the IRC
channels I hang out in; here are the *entirety* of suggestions:

Terra Invictus the Living Titan
Golden Gatecrasher
Massive Man

I'm rejecting the last one without really considering it; single-
letter code-names really don't go over well with me (they work for
regular nicknames, though).

So, ideas for the character's new identity?

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