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Wed Mar 9 17:05:04 PST 2011

On Wed, 9 Mar 2011 18:59:14 +0000 (UTC), Phantasm wrote:

> When starting a new continuity, there are inevitable noodle incidents
> (sorry, no link this time) that pop up, as nothing exists
> in a vacuum.  In many ways, older continuities are like that as well;
> I know it occurred, but to me the LNH's infamous "Woody Incident" was
> something that happened "off-screen", as in "before I discovered
> racc".  This actually made it easier to write for the LNH once I
> finally started doing so.  

Indeed!  The depth and breath of the LNH is one of the most invigorating
things about it.  And the flexiblity of the continuity helps one write
without bumping elbows!

> The current StarFall universe has back-
> story that's just now being referenced (hell, Robin and I are still
> *inventing* it! :) ), 

Laser fructose marmoset, please!

> A few years ago, there was a movie out - _Push_ - which hinted at a
> larger world of hidden (and not-so-hidden) psychics. As I understand
> it, there are no sequels or derivative works in progress; however, the
> movie was written in such a way as to both stand on its own and
> provide a framework for such works.  One of the games on my RPG
> prospectus last year was a derivative of it; set in the same world,
> but detached from the movie enough that someone probably wouldn't even
> need to see the movie in order to be in the game.

Interesting, and an excellent example.  The ability to be picked up again
without guidance is definitely good.

> I had a whole section planned for a huge 75-year DC and Marvel shared
> universe diatribe... but I just can't seem to not ramble incoherently
> about it. Maybe later in the thread.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, millions of 'em.

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