ASH: ASH #111 - A Suit of Sables Part 2: The Memory Be Green

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Wed Mar 9 10:12:40 PST 2011

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>      [The cover looks like something from a production of Wagner's Ring
> Cycle, but with tendrils of shadow wrapping around the statuesque armored
> women.  Justice watches helplessly, looking like he wants to warn them but is
> unable to.]

My goodness.  I really need to cover ASH in Kid Review; I suppose when
this arc is over...

> But the drugs didn't attract the same
> clientele as synthetics like Jaz or Squiz or the new meth variant being
> called Kansas Koke.  They didn't make you feel good, and they only
> entertained you if your idea of a good time was deep thinking.  The Tymmytes
> had even discontinued manufacture of one chemical because it could be mixed
> with heroin and intensified the opiate's effect.  So the drug runners had no
> real incentive to go after them as competitors.

Much better!

>      While it's probably weakened lately, there's a "Somebody Else's Problem"
> field around Detroit.  Magnum Motors is headquartered there, but Doctor
> Developer (or his proxies, depending on when it happened within the timeline
> of as-yet-unwritten issues of The Reverse Engineers) started moving the more
> high-profile operations out of town to places like Marysville to keep the SEP
> field from being too badly stressed.

Poke Andy.  Poke poke poke.

>      I was tempted to make Glidja's true love be the colonel from the
> time-displaced Panzer division, but decided against it for two reasons.  One,
> too many connections can actually weaken a setting, by making it feel
> smaller.

It's true!  Not every shop owner has to be Luke Skywalker's second
cousin twice removed.

> Two, leaving that guy alone gives Andrew Perron more freedom should
> he decide to use the tank commander in the Edison Project.  :)

Hmmm, I wonder...

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, maybe he writes some sort of

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