HCC: High Concept Theme #18, Dundundun!!!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Mar 7 19:11:01 PST 2011

Dave Van Domelen wrote:
>      Okay, I have my idea.  It's in ASH, and it's at least partially Andy's
> fault.  But I want to finish ASH #111 first.
>      Dave Van Domelen, also has a job interview to prep for, so ASH kinda
> takes back burner.

I hesitate to mention how little plot tweaking it would take to incorporate this 
concept into Cauldron II.  As currently envisioned, the story will not see 
either unicorns or sasquatchi.  But one faction is on a hunt in the area for 
weird reasons of their own, and one of the faraway supporting characters 
probably knows where to find the other faction, who might conceivably take an 
interest.  So this could be how I wrap up a dangling plot thread...

Excuse me for giving so much away, but it's easier than writing my own notes.

And good luck with the job hunt, Dvandom.

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Only their myths concerned peace and contentment, and that in such a
coercive, sullen package it was obvious that the Earth humans resented
the very idea.

- from "Passing" by Elaine Radford, Aboriginal SF, May/June 1987.

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