[MISC] GODLING # 21: The Fall of Destiny!

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Wed Mar 2 11:39:51 PST 2011

On Wed, 2 Mar 2011 10:21:59 +0000 (UTC), jvdsteen wrote:

> “Behold, Tartarus II, the containment facility for superpowered
> criminals!” Our Godling said proudly.

Hah, nice.

> “I thought of that as well,” said Our Godling and a door in the new
> prison opened. From it, three robots, three times larger than a human
> walked forth, moving by using metal tentacles for feet. In fact, they
> had hundreds of tentacles. They had two red lights for eyes and a
> speaker for a mouth.
> “These are the New Hekatoncheires, special robots to guard the
> prisoners and provide for their basic needs.”

Oooooh, double nice.  I love the more obscure mythological references,
especially if they're perfect in the context.

> “Impressive. Now please, relinquish the Spear.”
> “Why? Don’t you see what I can do with it? Did you see what I just
> created? Don’t you understand what I can do? I can me all-powerful. I
> can cure disease, eliminate hunger, war, crime… I can create
> paradise.”

Ironically, the only person capable of creating a paradise with
superomnipotentpower would be the one not tempted by it.

> Rhadamantus smiled. “Yes, Cerberus is not an easy one to defeat.
> “No one will ever use the Spear of Destiny again,” Godling said.

Six months later...

> Centuries in the future High-tech Godling arrived home. His family was
> glad to see him arrive. Two kids hugged him, his wife, a stunningly
> beautiful black woman in a purple dress, wearing a tiara, kissed him.
> “How did you fare?” she asked him.

Ah, nice. <3 It's always good to give heroes some straight-up happy life

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