[LNH] Captain Sestina #1

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 17:40:52 PST 2011

[ An aged book in green cloth, with the title written in gold. ]


No one knows Captain Sestina's story
Half-fairy, mutant, or alien hero
But we know the day he brought us justice
Fighting evil, sextet by sextet
Struggling against a void known as villain
Whose plot was the destruction of ideas

Made of confusion, repulsed by ideas
Nameless son of a shattered, lost story
Determined to prove the only villain
Would not matter if there was a hero
Bald syllables where there was a sextet
He would unmake the concept of justice

But some do not fear the pains of justice
They know there is more in noble ideas
Than could ever fit in six million sextets
The Captain ventured deep within story
Perilous journey that lead the hero
To corrupted heart where stood the villain

Glistening mist surrounded the villain
Captain Sestina spoke words of justice
The evil one laughed and mocked the hero
Told him his plan for the death of ideas
They circled at the core of the story
Eye to eye for the length of a sextet

A lunge tossed him back, down for a sextet
Bloodied, bruised by the touch of the villain
Could this then be the end of his story
Fallen, martyred in the name of justice
Would he die on the altar of ideas
Or would he rise to the role of hero

The nameless one turned to find the hero
Summoning his strength for one last sextet
A clash of powers, a clash of ideas
Just as he felt the claws of the villain
He knocked him back, delivered him justice
Saw him fall into depths beyond story

So the hero left the world of ideas
Ready for next story told by sextet
To bring another villain to justice!


Author's Note:

There we go.  Writing this, I was tripped up by the fact that sestinas 
aren't as complicated as I thought they were - which means I had to 
have a bit more of a story than I'd planned.  Fun times!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, Captain Sestina will return!

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