REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #85 - January 2011 [spoilers]

James Mason mason.james.jamesmason at
Sun Feb 27 17:59:21 PST 2011

 And you know, it occurs to me that it's been quite some time
> since I stated the purpose of this review title.  It's quite probable
> that some of the newer writers on rec.arts.comics.creative are not
> aware of the reason that I started writing the EoMR in the first place.
> So, in the interests of full openness and transparency, I'll just
> repeat it every now and again:
>      I'm not doing this for your benefit.  I'm doing it for mine.
>      No, really.  It's that simple.  There was a time about a decade ago
> when I would let other things get in the way of my reading of stories
> posted to RACC - even stories in the Legion of Net.Heroes imprint,
> which I like to think of myself as something of a continuity nerd
> expert on.  I'd put them aside with the intent to come back to latter,
> and then I never would.  Clearly this sort of behaviour was not
> acceptable, and so I started the _End Of Month Reviews_ as a way to
> *force* myself to both read and comprehend (so, no skimming) the
> stories posted here.  This, incidentally, explains why sometimes my
> reviews read less like reviews and more like plot summaries.
>      Now, if that means that there are added benefits - such as people
> having a master list of stories that they can consult when putting
> together their RACCies awards nominations; or even that the people
> who wrote the story get to fell all warm and fuzzy and loved and
> thereby are encouraged to write some more - well, hey, that's great.
> But it's not actually the main point to the exercise.

Huh, Interesting. I like how the point of the review is to improve the
reviewer yet the reviews in general is to improve the reviewies. Very

> One Day At A Time #7-8
> 'The main guys!'  and  'Steve Henkelbert'
> A Miscellaneous [Misc] series
> by James Mason
>      So, the mysterious voice that gave Bill (Mike Kittyman) and John
> (The Arch Mage) their powers also empowered Alex (Sir Greg).   It seems
> to want them to form a crime fighting team, and so after Bill and John
> track down and talk with Alex, the voice sends the three of them off to
> the bank to stop another crime.  (Also, it seems to have given the three
> of them narcoleptic tendencies, but that might be the comedic writing.)
>      Now, shall we make wild guesses as to where Steve Henkelbert go his
> powers from?  A different but related mysterious voice?  The same voice,
> who after a fit of absent mindedness is now trying to fix his mistakes by
> sending these three dysfunctional heroes after Mr Henkelbert?  Or perhaps
> from actually studying magic and not having it dumped on him at all?

I like how you are guessing where Steve got his powers instead of
talking about the story. As for where Steve got his powe-I'LL NEVER
TELL HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well not in response to your review anyway.

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