LNHY/META: How To Write: Kid Enthusiastic-Y

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 14:04:56 PST 2011

Hi!  I'm Andrew Perron.  In hopes of getting more writers for
Looniverse Y, and as a result of a sudden flash of inspiration, I'm
here to explain about the characterization of the character of Kid

Casey: And I'm Casey von Aluminumfoil.  ...why am I here?

You're the best friend/comedic straightman of the original Kid
Enthusiastic, and you make for a good audience surrogate!

Casey: ...yay.

Now.  Kid Enthusiastic-Y shares his base characterization with the
original.  He's, well, *enthusiastic*.  He's perky and silly and
chaotic, but also highly thoughtful and analytical... in a silly,
chaotic way.  He's a ten-year-old half-Japanese boy with comic book
superintelligence and an aptitude for creating odd but useful

Casey: Don't forget bewildering, distractable, and "sometimes leaves
his Legos in the hummus".

The main difference between the two, in fact, is circumstances; Kid
Enthusiastic-Y is head of the System Corrupters, the equal-but-
opposite villainous counterpart of Looniverse-Y's LNH.

The thing about Kid Enthusiastic-Y is that, despite being the head of
the world's (theoretically) main villain group, he's not evil.
Indeed, he's ridiculously over-the-top nice, helpful and kind.

Casey: It gets a little disturbing!

So how are these two facts reconciled?  How does The Boy of Breathless
Bustle hold sway over the bottom of the barrel?

Casey: Can't wait to hear *this*.

There's three main reasons.  First is the joy of creation; the
challenge of putting something like this together.  It's fun!  Second
is the meta-knowledge of how superhero-class universes work; there's
no story without the bad guys, after all.

Casey: A little cliche, but sure.

But there's one other thing.  It's little more than a feeling, but
it's really the most important part.  It's a feeling based on
evidence, but extended beyond that, into things he can't know.  Sort
of like religious faith, really.

Casey: ...you seriously just said that.

Shhh.  Anyway, it's the feeling that this whole LNH/System Corrupters
setup is part of something larger.  Everything he's seen - and heard -
from the System Corrupters Franchise Setup Kit implies that it's part
of some bigger order, a bigger plan.  Thus, his plans from here on out
are to do two things:

a.) Fulfill all the duties of the System Corrupters, including causing
chaos, fighting heroes, and corrupting systems.
b.) Try to figure out as much of this greater plan as he can.

(Which means he's going to try to meet up with Kid Kicked-Out as soon
as possible to compare notes, probably resulting in wacky

Casey: And you're sure this isn't just shark-jumping Cerebus Syndrome?

Hmmm.  Just to be on the safe side, I'm going to hit you with a pie.


Casey: ...yay.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, woo?

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