RACCIES: 2010 Voting Ballot

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 5 15:44:22 PST 2011

On 2/1/11 4:35 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:

>      Saxon Brenton
>      Ted "Phantasm" Brock
>      Andrew Burton
>      Scott Eiler
>      Jamas Enright
>      Rick Hindle
>      James Mason
>      Tim Munn
>      Andrew Perron
>      Martin Phipps
>      Tom Russell
>      Arthur Spitzer
>      Robin Strickland
>      Jochem Vandersteen
>      Dave van Domelen

I'm pretty sure I nominated Rob Rogers for this award... I suppose that 
RACCafe thing he wrote counts as writing for this year...

>      ADA (Advanced Difference Autosophont)
>      Adu Asantemantse
>      Alexander (from One Day at a Time)
>      Aphrodite Bilistiche
>      Fleet
>      Jimeno (from Journey Into... #9, "Bitter Beans")
>      Kensington Hesh
>      Lili Speed
>      The Munich Stranger
>      Nell the Waitress
>      Seyfert
>      Shaka Zoom
>      Slowpoke
>      Spellbinder
>      Titanium Swordsman
>      Tyrannus Auron
>      Warendja

Meanwhile, in the RACCafe...

Goddamn-You-X-mas-Goddamn-You-Straight-to-Hell Lass watched the RACCie 
nomination award coverage on the TV above the bar. 
Goddamn-You-X-mas-Goddamn-You-Straight-to-Hell Lass shook her head.

"Well, looks I wasted $19.95 on this shirt," she said as she looked down 
at her 'Eligible for the Favorite New Character Award in 2010 RACCies!'.

"Curse you, X-Mas!  Curse you!!" she said shaking her fist in the air. 
"You used your Mind Voodoo X-mas rays and made them forget about me!!"

She sipped her anti-eggnog.  "But they will remember.  Oh, yes.  They 
will remember."

>  From January 1st, 2010 to present:

Arthur "Another victim of the From Beast..." Spitzer

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