LNH20: Generation 2.0 #4

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Thu Dec 29 04:07:32 PST 2011

                                  Generation 2.0 #4

        The God, The Troll and The Sub-sub-basement Part I

  Walter "Wikipedia" Brown was pissed.  The vast majority of the
Legion was away on missions leaving himself, Juliana "Amazon Lass"
Almeida, Edward "E-Boy" Boyd, George "Google Lad" Patel, Monique "Le
Visage" Mercier and May and Jay Nguyen at LNH HQ - and May and Jay
weren't even Legionaires: they were just staying at LNH HQ while the
Netropolis police force investigated the shooting that had occurred a
few days earlier at the Lam Duk restaurant.  Oh and the receptionist
was there too: that was about it.
  "I'm sorry we got you guys in trouble," May told him.
  "What do you mean?" he asked.
  "I just assumed..."
  Walter shook his head.  "No, no, no," he said.  "They're not using
us for any missions because most of us here have 'soft' powers which
aren't much use in combat."
  "Right," Juliana said.  "And they tell me I need to recuperate a bit
longer, seeing as how I was so badly hurt in the battle with the
  "I guess it just seems as though most of the people who helped us
are here and not on missions," Jay pointed out.
  "No," Walter said.  "It's not like that at all.  It's not like we're
some Legion subgroup that only works together.  If they need any of us
then they'll call us up!"
  Just then Edward felt something appear in one of his pockets.  He
took it out and saw that it was a flower.  Normally he would need time
to know what to do with something he had found in one of his pockets
but he immediately knew what to do with this.
  "Here," he said, handing it to May.  "This is for you."
  "An orchid!" she said.  "Orchids are my favorite flower!  Where did
it come from?"
  "It came from my pocket," he explained.  "Things just magically
appear in my pockets when I need them.  I usually don't even know that
I need them until they appear.  In this case, I guess the flower
appeared because you needed cheering up."
  "Well, then," she said, "thank you."
  "Look," he said.  "Do you want me to show you and Jay around LNH
  "Thanks," she said, "but Kid Enthusiastic already showed us around.
He seemed happy to do it."
  "Ah but did he take you to the sub basements?"
  "We're not allowed to go to the sub basements," Juliana pointed
out.  "It's too dangerous."
  "Dangerous?" May asked.  "Why?"
  "Maybe not dangerous," Walter said.  "More like pointless.  Nobody
knows how far down the sub basements go.  You could end up stuck down
there like Too-Much-Time-on-His-Hands Lad."
  "Wait," Jay said.  "Didn't the LNH build this place?  How can they
not know how far down it goes?"
  "You mean Kid Enthusiastic didn't tell you about how the HQ was
believed to be thousands of years old dating back to the time of the
ancient legion?" Juliana asked.
  "The ancient legion?" May and Jay both asked.
  "Now hold on," Walter said.  "There's no proof that the ancient
legion ever existed.  And if they did, why would they have build their
headquarters here in Netropolis thousands of years ago?  There was no
Netropolis thousands of years ago.  It was just a Native American
  "So who did build LNH HQ then?" Juliana asked.
  Walter shrugged his shoulders.  "I'm not sure but don't you find it
odd that nobody noticed it here until the Killfile dropped from the
sky?  I mean if it was always here then...?"
  "It rose from the ground as a result of the earthquake!" Juliana
  "Right!  And it's been moving around Netropolis ever since!"
  Everyone turned to look at George "Google Lad" Patel.
  "What?" everybody asked.
  George spoke.  "You said that Too-Much-Time-on-His-Hands Lad was
stuck down in the sub basements."
  "Yes," Walter said.
  "So how come nobody went to look for him?"
  "He must be dead," Juliana said.
  George pursed his lips, nodded firmly, closed his eyes and started
concentrating.  "Searching..."
  "You're looking for him?" Walter asked.
  "Shh!  One result found."
  "Really?" Juliana asked.
  "He's in subbasement 35," George told them.
  "Nobody's ever been below subbasement 33," Walter said.
  "That's why nobody has ever found him," George said.  "What do you
think?  Should the six of us go looking for him?"
  "Maybe we should wait for somebody to get back," Juliana suggested.
  "It's not a problem as long as we go straight there and come
straight back," George argued.  "I can sense exactly where he is.
We'll find him and we'll come back."
  "That sounds like a plan," Walter said.

  It was actually harder to get to subbasement 35 than it sounded:
when they all got into the elevator, there were only buttons for B1
and B2; it was only when they got down to B2 that buttons for B3 and
B4 appeared.  It took almost a half an hour for them to get down to
sub-basement 35.
  The elevator doors opened and they all walked out.
  "There's nothing here," Walter said.
  "There's something over there!" George said.
  "It's a wardrobe!" Juliana said.
  "Come on!" George said.
  The wardrobe was hard to see because there the only lights on that
level were emergency lights, and even then it wasn't clear where the
power was coming from.
  "So where's Too-Much-Time-on-His-Hands Lad?" Walter asked.
  "He's in here."
  "Meu Deus," Juliana said.
  George went to open the wardrobe.  Everybody expected to find the
body of Too-Much-Time-on-His-Hands Lad inside... but he didn't appear
to be in there.
  "It's empty," Walter said.
  Edward sighed deeply.  "So we came all this way...?"
  "Wait," George said.  "There's a tunnel here."
  "A tunnel?" May asked.
  "I've got a bad feeling about this," Juliana said.
  "We should go back," Jay said.
  "No, everybody, look," George said, "I know Too-Much-Time-on-His-
Hands Lad went this way a long time ago.  Don't you want to know what
happened to him?"
  "Are you sure we can get back?" Walter asked.
  "Well then," Walter said.  "Let's go."

  They all walked through the wardrobe doors and through the tunnel
and emerged in a meadow.  There was a house in the meadow.
  "How is this possible?" May asked.
  "Too-Much-Time-on-His-Hands Lad is in that house!" George said.
  "You are sure this time?"
  "Are we still in LNH HQ?" Jay asked.
  "It would appear as though we've passed into another dimension,"
Walter said.
  "Wait," George said.  He closed his eyes and concentrated.
  "Monique and the receptionist are back there behind us," George
said.  "We can go back anytime and find them."
  "All the same, "Juliana said.  "Let's find Too-Much-Time-on-His-
Hands Lad and get back quickly!"

  The six of them approached the house and knocked on the door.  A
large, muscular old man opened the door.
  "Is this Too-Much-Time-on-His-Hands Lad?" Edward asked.
  "I am not the one for whom you seek," the man said.  "I am the one
known as... Googlemesh!"

                               TO BE CONTINUED!

Walter "Wikipedia" Brown, Juliana "Amazon Lass" Almeida, Edward "E-
Boy" Boyd, George "Google Lad" Patel, Monique "Le Visage" Mercier, May
and Jay Nguyen and Googlemesh created by Martin Phipps
Kid Enthusiastic created by Andrew Perron
Too-Much-Time-on-His-Hands Lad created by Dave Van Domelen


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