LNH20: Generation 2.0 #2

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                                   Generation 2.0 #2

                                New Genesis (Part 2)

  Walter "Wikipedia" Brown was feeling good.  Not only had Juliana
"Amazon Lass" Almeida  fully recovered from her battle with the
Lycopersicons but he himself had done battle with the many-tentacled
creature known as Rwtn-T'bol.  Well, sort of.  Actually, he and E-Boy
and a small group of Legionaires assisted Professor Penumbra by
holding the creature's tentacles.  But it was cool nonetheless: he
felt like a true net.hero!
  And today he was the man with the plan: after getting back from Rwtn-
T'bol's world, he and E-Boy had gotten another chance to speak to Jay
and May Nguyen about General Baidu Tran and now he had assembled his
own small group of Legionaires to deal with him!  Seated around Walter
was Jay, May, Edward "E-Boy" Boyd, Juliana, Apoena "Minority Miss"
Goulão, George "Google Lad" Patel and Monique "Le Visage" Mercier.
  "Okay," he began.  "The first thing we need to do is deal with his
secretary, Miss Yang Yiling.  Apoena, could you make sure that she is
out of the way for a while?"
  "What are you suggesting I do?"
  "Just grab her and hold onto her for a while."
  "But that would be kidnapping!" she protested.  "Is that the sort of
thing net.heroes do?"
  "Maybe you don't have to actually hold her anywhere," E-Boy said.
"You can fly her off to Californeta and then leave her enough money
for bus fare home."
  "Right," Walter said, "and then by the time she gets back we'll be
  "I don't know," Apoena said.
  "Please," May said.  "This is very important."
  Apoena nodded.  "I'll help you out just this once.  That's it."
  "Good," Walter said.  "Then there's the matter of Monique being able
to impersonate her.  Monique, are you up for it?"
  Monique nodded.  "I think so.  If Jay and May can tell me what she
looks like."
  "We only met her once,"  May admitted, "but we got a good look at
  "I know I did," Jay said.
  "I know you did," May said.
  "Alright then," Walter concluded.  "Then what we will do is fit
Monique with a microphone and a transmitter and the rest of us will be
in a nearby van listening in and recording what gets said."
  "This all sounds highly illegal," Minority Miss said.
  "Don't worry," Walter said.  "We aren't the police: we're private
citizens.  We're not even asking for help from the rest of the LNH.
That means if we find any incriminating evidence then it doesn't
matter how it was obtained.  That's the law."
  "Fair enough."

  The next day, Walter got a call on his cell phone.  He knew from the
caller ID that it was Minority Miss calling him.
  >>Walter, it's Apoena.<<
  "Apoena, how did it go."
  >>It's okay.  I left her in Californeta.  She let out a terrible
scream but luckily I was immune to its effects.<<
  "That's good to know."
  >>This General Tran had better be a bad guy or we're all going to be
in big trouble for this.<<
  "I know.  I know it's a risk.  Anyway, thanks for your help."
  >>Alright.  I speak to you again when I see you.<<
  "Alright.  Bye."
  Walter closed his cell phone and put it in his pocket.  He then went
to Monique's room.  Monique was a shape shifter and an expert at
disguising her voice.  As long as she knew what a person looked and
sounded like she could pull off a reasonable impersonation.
  Walter knocked on the door to Monique's room.
  "Come in."
  Walter walked in.
  "What do you think?"
  "It certainly looks like her based on the pictures I've seen.  What
did Jay and May say?"
  "They said that I've nailed her."
  "Well that sounds good then.  I'll go get the others and we'll have
you wired up."

  Monique showed up at Tran Industries around the time when Yang
Yiling would normally show up for work.  She then asked one of her
coworkers to remind her of her agenda for the day.  It turned out she
had a meeting with Tran Industries CEO Baidu Tran and his Executive
Vice President Mark Twitty that morning at 9:30.  It was past nine
o'clock already.  It took almost half an hour to find Tran's office in
a way that didn't arouse suspicion.
  Monique entered Tran's office and sat down in one of the chairs in
front of Tran's desk.  Mark Twitty sat in the other.
  "Alright," Tran said.  "Let's get down to business.  Mr. Twitter,
that matter we discussed last time.  Is it complete?"
  "Yes, Mr. Tran.  It's completely dealt with."
  "Good," Tran said with a smile.  "And Miss Yang, the matter I
entrusted to you.  Is it complete?"
  "Absolutely!" Monique said, having no idea whatsoever what Mr. Tran
was talking about.
  "So the spoon.  Where is it?"
  "Excuse me?"
  "You were supposed to bring me the spoon.  Where is it?"
  "Oh, alright," Monique said.  "I'll be right back."
  Monique ran out and looked for a kitchen.  She then looked though
the drawers until she found a spoon, grabbed it and went back into Mr.
Tran's office.  She placed the spoon on his desk.
  "Here," she said.
  "Is this some kind of joke?"  Mr. Tran asked.  "I asked you to get
for me the spoon of destiny.  Have you not--?"
  "Mr. Tran, say no more!' Twitty said.  "I don't think she knows what
you are talking about.  I believe we have an imposter here!"
  Tran nodded.  "I do believe you are correct.  Very well then, send
in security!  have MSN deal with her!"

  Meanwhile, Walter, E-Boy, George, Jay, May and Juliana were back in
the van listening in.
  "She's in trouble!" E-Boy said.  "She's been made!"
  Walter nodded.  "Alright, George, Juliana, you go in there after
  "We'll go too!" May said.  Jay nodded.
  "I don't know," Juliana said.  "It could be dangerous!"
  "It's our fault she's in trouble!"
  Walter nodded.  "Let them go with you."
  "Fair enough," George said, "but stay back and wait until everything
is clear."
  The four of them made their way into the building with no incident.
Nobody took any notice of costumed heroes running around Netropolis
  "How will we find her?" May asked.
  "Don't worry," George said.  "My power allows me to find anything
and anyone.  Searching... she's on the tenth floor, Room 1010."
  They took the elevator up to the tenth floor and found Room 1010.
There was a big burly man in front of the door.
  "Who are you?" the man asked.
  "We are the Legion of Net.Heroes!" George said.  "Who are you?"
  "I am Michael Steven Nelson.  But you can call me MSN."
  They could hear Monique crying from behind the door he was
guarding.  "Guys, help me!"
  "Open the door!" Juliana said.  "We just want the girl.  Then we'll
  "That's not going to happen," MSN said.
  "I was afraid you would say that,"  Juliana said.  She then hit
MSN.  He just stood there and smiled at him.  She hit him again but he
just pushed her away and laughed.
  Jay and May decided to make themselves useful: they joined hands and
produced their flash shockwave effect.  This had the effect of
blinding MSN.  Unable to fight back, Google Lad and Amazon Lass were
able to subdue him and get the door open.
  "Ah George!  Juliana!  Merci à Dieu!"
  "We had better go!" Jay said.
  The five of them got out of the building before security could catch
up with them.

  Later, back at LNH HQ, Fearless Leader, January Frost and Doctor
Nostalgia had called Walter, George, Edward, Juliana, Jay, May,
Monique and Apoena to the conference room.  They were a bit upset.
  "What the Hell did you think you were doing?!" Fearless Leader
asked.  "The CEO of Tran Industries has accused the LNH of attacking
him and his men!  I told him that it was just some kids playing a
prank, that the LNH had, has and will not have any designs against
Tran Industries.  He has agreed to accept my explanation.  Now I want
to hear yours!"
  "General Baidu Tran killed our father five years ago!" May said.
"We have tried to get the police to help us but they say there isn't
any evidence pointing to him!"
  "If there's no evidence then what makes you so sure...?"
  "Everyone in the local Vietnamese community knows that it was Tran,"
Jay said, "but nobody will testify against him.  They are all too
  "And what did you learn?"
  "Nothing," Walter said.  "All we got was Tran asking about some
  "Yes," Walter said.  "I have the recording here on my MP3 player."
Walter played the recording for everyone to hear.
   >>Is this some kind of joke?  I asked you to get for me the spoon
of destiny.  Have you not--?<<
  >>Mr. Tran, say no more!  I don't think she knows what you are
talking about.  I believe we have an imposter here!<<
  "That's all we got before they found the wire and disabled it."
  "I think we need to discuss this," January Frost said.
  "In private," Doctor Nostalgia said.
  "Very well," Fearless Leader said.  "You kids can go."
  "That's it?" George asked.
  "Why?" Fearless Leader asked.  "Do you want to be punished?"
  "No."  They all got up and left the conference room.
  "I believe Tran is working with WHATEVER," January Frost said.
  "Yes,"  Fearless Leader said.  "Perhaps.  But I've already promised
him that the LNH wasn't going after him."
  "That would be a moot point if he were involved in an attack against
the LNH and we were just defending ourselves," Doctor Nostalgia
pointed out."
  "Perhaps," Fearless Leader said.  "But all we can do in the meantime
is keep an eye on him and his organization.  We can't act against him
until we know he's a threat."

                                        THE END

Roll Call!

TEAM: Generation 2.0
CREATED BY: Martin Phipps

*Walter "Wikipedia" Brown (co-Leader)
Walter Brown started developing super intelligence following the fall
of the Killfile.  He possesses seemingly infinite knowledge.

*Amazon Lass (Juliana Almeida, co-Leader)
Juliana is a student from Brazil who was studying in Netropolis when
she was exposed to a high dose of retrocotheric radiation as a
bystander during a supervillain attack.  She is now super strong,
super fast and super agile.

*Google Lad (George Patel)
Former sidekick of the now deceased Google Man (George Peterson),
Google Lad possesses the ability to find virtually anybody or
anything.  He feels responsible for the death of Google Man.  He is of
Indian descent but he was born in the U.S. and speaks like any other

*E-Boy (Edward Boyd)
Same powers as the mainstream LNHer Pocket Man except every time he
takes something out of his pocket it appears completely useless but it
isn't.  (Have you seen Paycheck?  The hero carries around seemingly
useless items that all save his life.)  E-Boy always has to figure out
how to use the item he pulls out of his pocket to save himself and his

*Le Visage (Monique Mercier)
Monique is a shapeshifter.  Visage is the French word for "face". She
is a French exchange student.

*Youku Lad (Jay Nguyen) and Tudou Lass (May Nguyen)
Orphaned refugees from Vi.net.nam, Jay and his twin sister May found
that they were able to produce bright flashes of light when they join
hands.  They have since been able to learn how to direct this light,
say for example to create a burst of light that will shine in a
villain's face and distract him at precisely the right time.

VILLAINS: The Yahoo, General Baidu, Twitty, MSN, Yang Yiling

*The Yahoo (John Smith)
The Yahoo is a psychopath who wears clown makeup and is always
laughing.  His "yahoo gas" causes people to move slowly.  Google Lad
is immune to yahoo gas as a result of previous exposures when he was
Google Man's sidekick.  The Yahoo killed Google Man right in front
ofGoogle Lad.  Google Lad claimed he was too slow, that he didn't
react fast enough, and thus always blames himself for Google Man's

*General Baidu Tran
General Tran is a general from North Vietnam now living in
Netropolis.  May and Jay believe he is a criminal and the man who had
their parents killed.  Tran claims he is an innocent businessman.  Is
he?  Or is he an agent of WHATEVER?

* Mark Twitty
Executive Vice President of Tran Industries

*Michael Steven Nelson
Tran's head of security.

*Yang Yiling
Baidu Tran's personal assistant.  She has a sonic scream.

Kindle created by Andrew Perron
Minority Miss and Professor Penumbra created by Lalo Martins
Fearless Leader created by Adrian J. McClure and Dave Van Domelen
January Frost created by Adrian J. McClure and Tom Russell
Doctor Nostalgia, the Lycopersicons and WHATEVER created by Adrian J.


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