REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #88-95: Index

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Fri Dec 16 16:05:30 PST 2011

Adrian J. McClure wrote:
> On Dec 15, 4:39 pm, Apathy Beast's Meat Puppet <saxonbren... at> wrote:
>> [REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #88-95: Index 
>>      All will succumb to the clutch of the Apathy Beast about their
>> hearts, and fall to lethargy, enervation, disinterest and despair.> 
> Well clearly it's not trying hard enough, because I came back from
> limbo and wrote one entire issue. Which is more than I'd written in
> the last three years combined. (Also, each of my issues seem to be
> getting progressively longer and longer. When--not if, when, I'm
> trying to be confident here--I write another LNH20 cascade issue
> that'll obviously be an exception, but Just Imagine #11 is going to be
> a monster.)
Poor silly bloody Apathy Beast.  It tried to intimdate it's enemies with 
a Villanious Rant, and immediately go thwarted by someone armed with facts.
Saxon Brenton

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