LNH20: LNH20 Comics Presents #2: The Spoon of Destiny Saga Part 2

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On Mon, 12 Dec 2011 01:36:54 +0000 (UTC), Adrian James McClure wrote:

> This first arc is a chaotic add-on cascade, a venerable LNH tradition
> which exemplifies its spirit of collaboration and invention. Anyone
> can jump in and contribute to the story, the more off-the-wall and
> complicated the better. Just respect what past authors have written.

...like so!


Kid Enthusiastic shook himself and watched his body land.

He didn't mind that he'd been killed dramatically - it was part and parcel 
of the job!  But he had been hoping that the experimental web of filaments 
he'd woven into his costume would absorb at least *one* blast like that.  
Back to the drawing board, it seemed.

If one had vision that looked into the aetheric, one would notice that he 
looked very little like a ten-year-old boy at the moment, or, indeed, the 
forty-year-old he chronologically was.  He was more like a pinpoint of 
light, with fluffy clouds trailing behind as it moved.  He drifted 
purposefully over to the Otakaiser's device, hoping to gather some intel on 
it before--

"Oh.  It's *you* again."

Kid E sighed.  Before *he* showed up. "Hello, Ebon Skater."

The man before him, hovering slightly off the ground, fumed.  He was 
scrawny and pale, with dishwater-blond hair.  He looked to be around 
college-aged, and was dressed in an immaculately tailored suit one size too 
large for him. "That's *Death*, not that you didn't know.  I was hoping to 
actually do my job today, but now I see that that won't be possible."

If he'd had eyes, he would have rolled them.  This being was one of the few 
people in this wild and woolly world that he simply... didn't like.  It was 
weird! "Y'know, you don't have to bug me every time I die.  It's not like 
I'm one of those confused revenants that don't know which way the afterlife 

Death sniffed disdainfully. "Regulations state that all deceased must be 
tracked, no matter their metaphysical state or ultimate destination.  In 
the case of... net.heroes..." He pronounced the word as if naming the exact 
type of rotting, moldy garbage he was currently scraping off his shoes. 
"...a representative of Deletion is required at each extinguishing."

"Well *yeah* but come on!  I'm busy here, anyway." He sent his attention 
back at the device.

An "a-HRM" issued from Death's dry throat. "Knowledge from beyond the veil 
is a strictly controlled substance."

"Knowledge isn't a substance!"

"Nevertheless, I am required to ask you to cease and desist."

Kid Enthusiastic made the aetheric equivalent of a frustrated puff of 
breath out his nose and turned the full power of his spiritual viewpoint at 
Death, shining like a ghostly searchlight. "Ask away, then!  It's not like 
you can *do* anything - I'm an Immortal with a capital I, which is *just* 
as official an office as yours!  Feel free to kick it up to your bosses, 
but they must wearing out their 'REJECTED' stamp on your paperwork!"

Death narrowed his eyes. "Oh, trust me.  There *will* be consequences for 
this willful twisting of the codified control policies."

"Fine, fine.  So you go and do that, and leave me to wwwwWHEEEEEEEE" Kid 
Enthusiastic was suddenly sucked back into his body as it knit back 

And in the sudden spirit silence, Death chuckled. "Oh, I plan to." He 
walked off, into the mists.


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