MISC: One Day at a Time: The Chronicles of Mike Kittyman #19

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                               Chapter 19:
                                Dark Blue

Announcer: And that's why they call him "The Shocker". Heh. Anyway, 
yeah, this thing. So apparently they are all asleep annnnnnnnnd the 
clock says 5:10. Wonder how long they were awake beforehand. And Mike 
wakes up, which is a first for this series in that he wakes up 

Mike: Muuuh. .oO(Huh? Oh, right, the everything last night. Oh! Alex! 
Hugging my arm. And still sleeping. Eh... I don't need my sleep 
schedule fixed that quickly.) Snzzzz...

Announcer: Wow, That was pointless, and here I thought this chapter was 
going to be interesting. What with the name and all!

John: GAH! .oO(That was a terrible dream. Felt like I was being 
smothered by a panther!) *notices that Mike is basically laying on him* 
.oO(Ah, that explains it. Okay, how am I going to get out of this 
without causing a mess?) *attempts to climb above him, but notices that 
Alex is there with them* .oO(What happened last night? Oh, right, the 
"party". Which involved eating candy and talking about stuff. Not 
exactly what I would call a party, but whatever. So what to do? Well I 
could climb over both of them but that's such a bad idea for many 
reasons, but I can't just push them off. I could go under them. Kind of 
tricky, but it seems to be the best option.)


John: Okay, no--

Alex: *yaaaaaaawn* Hey, you awake?

Mike: Yeah, I wasn't going to wake you because... you were being too 
cute to wake. Cuteness can ruin schedules.

Alex: Mmmm, that's nice. Ya got any cereal?

Mike: Yeah, but I can make stuff if ya want. Do you like bacon?

Alex: No.

Mike: Good because I hate bacon. Can't even stand the smell.

Alex: *gets up* Eh, I'll be fine with cereal.

Mike: *gets up* Okay, but don't forget, you're my guest.

Alex: You don't have to be so nice... it's kind of bothering me.

Mike: Bothering how? As in annoying you or disturbing you or--

Alex: Daaaaaa! *runs out of the room*

Mike: ...I think I might have annoyed her. Hey, John, are you awake?

John: Yeah. *sigh* Yeah, I am.

Announcer: Will Alex get breakfast? Will John ever get up without 
waking anyone up? Will Mike stop annoying Alex? Lets find out!

Mike: These are good cookies, John.

Announcer: Why did time decide "I feel skippy today!"?

John: I don't have three blue ribbons for nothing. Though it is a shame 
what happen to that guy during the third contest.

Alex: What happened? *Is what she would be saying if her mouth wasn't 
full of cookies. What she was actually saying was,* Mhh mhmh?

Mike: You don't want to know.

John: Indeed.

Mike: Welp, if we're not too busy, we should probably go out and find 
the crazy blue lady that attacked us yesterday.

John: Seems kind of risky. She could get the drop on us at any time.

Mike: Yeah, but I don't think she'll pop up while we wait around here. 
Unless she found more "demons", and I don't like the idea of her 
attacking others. We barely got away.

Alex: *She's finished with her cookies, by the way.* Yeah, who knows 
what other crazy powers she could pull out of nowhere to help her win 

John: *sigh* Well I guess if we're all together she won't be able to 
fight us all at the same time.

Mike: Great! Now I just need some metal.

Alex: Yeah that should-- huh?

Announcer: Will Alex ever find out what the metal is for? Will Mike 
remember that he is currently in his super form? Will this chapter end? 
Oh, wait, yes it will. Tune in next time, on ONE DAY AT AT TIME: THE 
CHRONICLES OF *MIKE KITTYMAN*! No, I will *not* tone it down! Besides, 
I'm done for today. STILL BEING RECORDED!? SHIT! *messing with 
microphone noise*

[Editor's Note: This is the new, permanent title for the series, by the 

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