SW10: Summer of Discontent #2: The Plan

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On 8/24/2011 5:04 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:
> On Sun, 21 Aug 2011 22:52:05 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:
>> The Summer of Discontent
>> Part 1:  The Plan
> But it says up there this is #2!

Hmm, I'm going to need a flowchart to explain my thinking here.  I 
consider "The Plan" to be Part 1 of one thread, and "2014" to be Part 1 
of another.  Or shall I just say "Oops" and say 2014 is Part 1 and The 
Plan is Part 2?

>> "Mosquitoes...  What have I read about mosquitoes?"
>> "Mosquitoes were bio-engineered to make the very first strike against
>> The Trillions in Russia almost two years ago.
>> (http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2009/trillions.htm#trillions )
>> Coincidentally, the plague started in Eurasia after the aliens landed.
>> To speak more of aliens...
> Yes.  This is totally coincidental and not at all something we need to
> establish so we can tie them together.

Expository dialog!  Expository dialog!  Wondrous friend of the reader!  8{D>

>> Karla continued...  "Since then, the Beast has returned to the hunt.  In
>> Alexandria, Egypt, he has found a plot by the guardian class of The
>> Trillions to support the Red China government in a crackdown against the
>> South China rebellion."
> You'd think the Trillions would be against that government due to their
> limits on reproduction.

You'd think.  Either conditions have changed with people dying anyway, 
or Red China made a deal...

>> Dr. Ingrid Bodil said, "I will address that.  We have a report from the
>> Australian ambassador.  Ellipsis has been conducting research there,
>> along with the Bride of the Ultimate Darkness.  In theory, the Bride can
>> *teleport* the Earth into Darkness, and have it emerge in another
>> direction.  Into a new orbit."
> ...teleporting the planet into Ultimate Darkness seems like a bad thing.

Yeah, well, it's the best solution around since *someone* had to go and 
squander his ultimate power.  The Bride can usually get the Darkness to 
behave around visitors whom she sponsors.

>> "Aw, *dammit*.  The *other* Wyatt.  Why is it always Wyatt?"
>> Wenchy the Witch said, "If you'd care to know..."
>> "No!  I *don't* care!  What do we *do* about it?"
> Aw.  I wanted the in-universe explanation. ``

Heeheehee.  You'll just have to wait.

>> I've been considering the Earth's new orbit to be a done deal, because
>> it leads to my predeclared apocalypse world of Earth 2022.
>> (http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2009/beyond.htm )  But of course my
>> characters would consider other options.  And my characters *often*
>> drive my story.  Might they get what they want?  Would it be good
>> enough?  I guess we'll find out together.
> Yaaaaaaaay!  Frankly, the narrative tendency for your characters to find
> solutions will chip away at any prophesied apocalypse.

Or at least they'll have gone down swinging.

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