[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #18: The Echo People, Part 2

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Mon Aug 22 04:22:39 PDT 2011

On Wed, 17 Aug 2011 18:18:56 +0000 (UTC), Wil Alambre wrote:

> "I warned him not to use the Gong Ago, as the volume required from that 
> sacred instrument would have unintended side effects. But like an old mule 
> wearing ragged blinders, he rung it out anyway. And that powerful pitch has 
> freed me and my like-minded brethren. My name is Andy Dharma. I am the 
> master villain of the Invisible Monks."

Last time, on Super Wizard: Deep Space 18.

> He could see the green grey strings of the fish's determination sliding 
> out at him, a psychic net flung at him. He leapt backwards with all the 
> force he could muster, flinging his body as far back down the corridor as 
> he could manage, at the same time flinging his mind as far back down into 
> the blank nothingness of meditative ultra-zen. The grasping net of 
> accusatory thoughts slid over and off, just missing his consciousness.

This is an excellent burst of abstract action.

> He raced down the hall, past rooms filled with smooth rugs, aged wooden 
> floors, historic paintings depicting the tireless line of Dharma mentoring 
> generations of monks within this monastery. And how long had Brody done the 
> same? And for what gain? Outdated tradition? A static legacy that promises 
> nothing more than the same unmoving future for more of their line?

Well, there *is* that ultrazen enlightenment you seem to be enjoying.

> "The wondrous world of the open mind. The clear white peace of being at 
> peace with yourself. This is an attribute that they keep secret to 
> themselves rather than bequeathing it to the simple people of Amity. They 
> hide behind years of training, decades of teachings, centuries of 
> traditions, as if their long work justifies privilege and entitlement."

Doesn't the long work cause the-- why am I arguing with the villain?

> "We are the cold winter wind, come to blow apart the flimsy summer 
> shelter," he called out, turning to face the continuing brawls around them. 
> "I am the master villain of the invisible monks, the cruel change to their 
> dusty, rotted ways. I am the unfaithful that brings with him the new 
> religion.
> "...and I will allow no one to horde their martial inheritance against our 
> sympathetic education."

In the name of this space rose, I swear to bring death to the Space Bride.

> "A hundred respectful welcomes, Andy," said Brody with a bow.
> "A hundred appreciative returns, Brody," said Andy with a bow.

Very good ending.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, you've done it again, Alambre!

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