MISC: One Day at a Time #18

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                               Chapter 18
                            Predator and Prey

The Arch Mage: And that's the situation.

Victor Montague: So why is Cat Guy sleeping?

The Arch Mage: I just said! I put him to sleep because I can't use 
healing spells on him. He'll heal on his own.

Victor Montague: What are you going to do now that you have a crazy 
person on your various tails?

Sir Greg: I was thinking we go into hiding for a little while and wait 
for her to come out.

Victor Montague: You should do something about your voice. It sounds 
really feminine, and it's kind of hard to take you seriously as a 
knight when you sound like a choir boy.

Sir Greg: I'm a woman.

Victor Montague: Well... This is awkward...

Sir Greg: ...

Victor Montague: Was kind of hoping something would happen to break up 
the awkwardness...

Sir Greg: ...

Victor Montague: J-just leave now.

Announcer: If only we had a theme, because here would be a good time to 
play a part of it. Anyway, now we are at Bill's and the other guy's 

Mike: Mhhhh... how tasty are those acid pounds anyway? Bwah! What are 
we doing here?

John: We--

Mike: Oh, hi Alex!

Alex: Hey!

John: Anyway, we--

Mike: Do you know why all of us are here?

Alex: Oh, we're hiding from and waiting for that blue girl to show up.

Mike: Wait, I might be partially asleep, because I thought you said 
blue girl.

Alex: Yeah, the one in the blue armor.

Mike: Ohhhh, I thought you meant something else.

John: What else *could* she mean?

Mike: She could mean an *alien*!

Alex: Why would a blue alien want to kill you? Unless she was a 
mercenary hired to kill you as part of a bigger scheme for galactic 

Mike: She would also have psychic powers! In fact, she would be the 
strongest psychic ever, but no one would know that, because anyone 
who'd seen her powers would be dead!

John: Can we get back to the topic at hand?

Mike: Isn't this the topic at hand?

Alex: Yeah, I thought we were supposed to wait for the blue woman to 
come out, and since just waiting doing nothing is boring, a 
conversation was struck up.

John: Well, can you guys include *me* in your conversations?

Mike: Oh, jeez, sorry you didn't feel included. Tell you what, let's 
have a group hug!

John: Again?

Alex: I would like a group hug!

Mike: Everyone! GROUP HUG!

Announcer: Why do I have to read this part? I think people are smart 
enough to guess what happens next.

Alex: That was nice.

Mike: Yeah, I think we really connected.

John: ...actually, that was nice. I'm glad we had this discussion, even 
though it went nowhere and we just ended up hugging.

Mike: Those are the best kind of discussions!

John: Soooo... how's the blue person situation going?

Mike: How are we supposed to know?

John: Oh, right! Before we left, Victor gave us a phone!

Alex: He did?

John: Yeah, I put it in Bill's pocket.

Mike: *checks pocket* Huh. Why did you put it there?

John: You were asleep.

Mike: Oh.

Alex: So he'll give us a call if anything comes up?

John: Yep.

Mike: Wooo! Vacation time!

John: I don't--

Mike: Hey Alex! I think I may have a few nutty bars in my hiding place! 
Want some?

Alex: Oh, I love those! *They both run to Mike/Bill's room!*

John: *sigh* ...wait up, I want some!

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