LNH: LNH Comics Presents #508 - Introducing Lord New Hamphire

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Aug 20 19:52:33 PDT 2011

On 08/20/2011 03:26 AM, Martin Phipps wrote:
> London, July 13th, 1776
>    Word had gotten to King Charles III that the colonialists in America
> had declared independence.

Technically I think America had colonials or colonists; Britain had 

>    The king nodded.  "You will no longer be known by your old names.
> You are to be Lord New Hampshire."

I do like the idea of patriotic heroes in other eras.  There's a lot you 
could do with this one...

>    The Orange Skeleton gestured to the sky.  There I saw a big red
> balloon.  It was a hot air balloon.
>    "This balloon will cross the Atlantic and travel all the way to
> London!  The king will see it and be... very scared!  He will have to
> order his army to surrender!"

... especially once he finds the balloon is filled with incendiaries.  I 
think the English still had a hangup about Guy Fawkes back then.

Now you've got me wondering if Lord Virginia will have a black 
descendant with an eyepatch...

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