SW10/HCC: Character List (HCC #22: Someone Else's Characters)

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On 2011-08-02, at 12:26 PM, Wil Alambre wrote:

> In return, for the High Concept Challenge, I offer this character for anyone to use in an issue or short arc...

Re-reading this, I wanted to head off any potential confusion. The two items listed here, asking for alien races and making super wizard available for the HCC, they are not linked together. You are not *required* to use the super wizard if you politely lend me an alien race to use, nor *must* you provide an alien race for me to use if you are interested in including the super wizard in your HCC issue/arc. Just have fun, folks :)

Also, I forgot to include a quick "who's-who" type card for the Gong Ago itself. Oops..

  Gong Ago
  A gong, a simple flat copper instrument, a mile in diameter. It has a few concentric circles on it, almost like a target, but otherwise has no visibly markings. It was constructed over half-a-million years ago by circular popes of a two-dimensional flatland, and was presented as a gift to Sidney Dharma, the original Invisible Monk.
  If struck correctly, by someone trained in it's use, the slightest tap will send a musical note that can be heard in every plane of existence. If struck with great force, however, the note can be so strong as to have other unintended side-effects.

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