META: Real life RACC/LNH Con in 2012?

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Fri Apr 29 16:03:54 PDT 2011

And speaking of the LNH 20th anniversary… I was wondering if there was 
any interest for a get together for RACC'rs and LNH'rs.. and I'd figure 
I'd ask a year before any such event might happen.

So just some questions to see what interest exists:

1)   Would you be willing to fly to such an event?

It would depend for me on how many people were there… if it was big 
enough… maybe.  And it would probably have to be in the USA for me to 
think about going.

2)  Would you be willing to drive to such an event?

Sure.  Assuming it would be less than maybe 12 hours away or so… I'd be 
willing to drive San Diego, Phoenix, LA, Las Vegas, or Tucson (all of 
which I think would be good places for a big RACC Convention)

3)  Would you go to an event that was held in the city you lived?

Sure.  Of course why such an event would be held in Yuma is beyond me.

4)  Are you a billionaire or multi-millionaire that would be willing to 
pay to transport every RACC'r to your swinging mansion for the con?

Sadly no.

5) When should this RACC Con take place?

I'd go with the weekend of April 27-29 (because of the 20th Anniversary 
of the LNH), but that's just me.

Arthur "Conning for Cons..." Spitzer

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