MISC: One Day at a Time #13

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Tue Apr 26 18:35:54 PDT 2011

                              Chapter 13: 
                         Always the Lucky Ones

*By the way, we are now in the police department. Just thought you'd 
like to know.*

Robertson: Hey Chris.

Chris: *not taking his eyes off his book* Hi!

Robertson: Did you have to bring that book to work?

Chris: Or my name isn't Chris Aleatory!

Robertson: Can you at least not read it all the time? You're making 
everyone uncomfortable.

Chris: So is that gum on your shoe, yet you don't hear me complaing 
about it.

Robertson: *About to say something, but then looks at his shoe and sees 
his point.* Just be glad you're that aware of your surroundings. *Walks 

Chris: .oO(I was at first, and still am when investigating crime 
scenes, but for everyting else it gets annoying quickly. That voice 
made it sound like such a good thing. He'd better give me the power to 
turn this one off or I'm choking the shit out of him. And I'm hungry.)

*Takes a short walk though the long-ass hallway from chapter 9. Yes, I 
did just break the fourth wall AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT 

Chris: .oO(Wasn't this hallway shorter than I remember? Oh, wait, no it 
wasn't. Nevermind, foodtime! Wait a sec, sensing... energy? No, wait, 
now there's... hair? Lots of hair and metal and something else I can't 
put my finger on. Seems to be going to the chief's office. This I've 
got to see!)

             *Later/about 5 seconds earlier, this happened*

                            *PHOOF and WUMP*

Sir Greg: Did you have to teleport us directly to the police station? 
That seems a little suspicious.

The Arch Mage: Didn't get a good sight of the outside. I will after we 
talk to the guy.

Mike: *getting up from the ground* Well what are we waiting for? A hug? 
Let's get going!

                  *Instead, they meet up with Chris!*

Mike: Might want to pay attention to where you're going and not that... 
children's... book... huh.

Chris: Considering that you're a magical cat-man-thing and she's some 
sort of knight and he's some sort of mage it probably shouldn't be too 
surprising that I too am magic!

Mike: Jeez, I just said 'look out'.

The Arch Mage: Did that voice give you your powers too?

Chris: Yep, about a month ago.

Sir Greg: How long has this voice been doing this stuff?

Mike: Good question! Perhaps we can discuss that with the guy.

Sir Greg: Right, right, the reason we came here.

Mike: Would you like to join us?

Chris: No way I'm missing out on anything that invoves a human-sized 
bipedal talking cat, a female knight, and a mage, AND ALL OF IT TAKING 

Mike: Yes, we're all very excited to talk about stuff.

*A fancy way of saying that they went to the office. I'm tired shut up.*

Victor Montague: Umm... guys, can we talk for a sec?

Mike: Exactly why where are here.

Victor Montague: Oh, good then--

                          *A boom approaches!*

Sir Greg: Well, we are all out of time, thanks for joining us on this 
very special episode, be sure to turn in next time! *leaves*

Mike: Guess we have to deal with that. Talk to yah later!

The Arch Mage: *leaves*

Victor Montague: WAIT GUYS IT'S IMPORTAN-- damn.

Chris: They'll probably talk to you afterwards.

Victor Montague: They disappeared last time.

Chris: Then you will probably end up not being able to talk to them 
about the stuff you want to talk to them about.

Victor Montague: Why do you say that?

Chris: To keep whatever you wanted to talk about a mystery.

Victor Montague: Why?

Chris: It's a common trope.

Victor Montague: What, do you think this is some sort of show?

Chris: *Stop looking at the camera, man! You're breaking the fourth 

                  THE END (of this chapter at least)!                      

Victor Montague: You didn't answer my question.

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