[META] General question about ereaders

Wil Alambre wilalambre at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 09:58:30 PDT 2011

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> My sister gave me a Kobo reader for my birthday last year.  While I
> prefer hardcopy books, she made the excellent point that given how much
> I read combined with the comparatively small size of the unit I live in,
> it would save space.  The start off present included a random collection
> of classics which were available for free, plus for Christmas she
> downloaded what looked like every single Dr Who book ever published up
> to that point, plus I've grabbed a number of role-playing game supplements,
> etc. 	   		

I basically do that same thing. With the number of books I collect and 
read, my poor bachelor suite apartment would be floor-to-ceiling in 
paperback in no time. My iPad has provided an easy way to have a small 
library handy without having to shell out for more damn bookshelves :P

Last night, the idea of ebooks rattled in my head enough that I started 
playing with the idea. I used the existing posts of my Super Wizard 
series as a test, trying to see how easy it would be... came out 
semi-successfully, turns out. I also played around in Photoshop, wanting 
to make a cover.

Here's a quite blog post about my endeavors. Sorry, no ebook download 
links, just some mock-up covers. :P


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