[META] General question about ereaders

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Apr 13 18:37:44 PDT 2011

Wil Alambre wrote:
> Just a general question about ereaders: how many people here use them? 
> Not necessarily for RACC but in general, for magazine, newspaper, book 
> reading? The iPad, the Kobo, the Kindle, the Nook, etc, and one of them. 
> I myself have an iPad and I regularly read epub format books through 
> iBooks.

If I have to carry an electric reader around, I'd just as soon carry a book. 
But I'm starting to give up cheap paperback books in favor of books I can read 
on my smartphone.  My timing may be off; I still have about ten paperbacks in my 
inbox, and I'd hate to see that $5 investment go to waste.  But it's fun when I 
can get one of those books in paperback *and* free e-book from Project 
Gutenberg.  I'm reading King Solomon's Mines on my cellphone by day and cheap 
paperback edition by night.

My phone has eReader installed, but most of my friends who are authors are 
publishing for Kindle or Nook instead.  Too bad for them.  I've found one author 
who was willing to sell me her book as a .PDF file.  Guess who got my 
business...  that's right, her *and* RACC!  I can read the newsgroup on my cell 
phone too.  That's why I've resolved to start reading *all* the stories here.

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