[META] General question about ereaders

Wil Alambre wilalambre at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 11:41:38 PDT 2011

Dave Van Domelen wrote:
>       Of course, fixed width fonts seen on RACC are less friendly to an iPod,
> but I expect a larger sized reader like an iPad or Kindle would have no
> trouble.  And I bet Scavenger could (or has) whip up or find something to
> rapidly convert our raw output into epub format.

The issue with converting raw RACC posts semi-automatically into any 
format is that lack of consistency in how people publish and format 
posts. This is not a knock on writers, but minor differences (like 
whether someone uses a blank line between paragraphs or not) mean it's 
hard to script something that even gets it half right.

Having said that, I must admit to being interested in the idea of an 
ebook that I can read on ereaders. Nothing in a for-sale-make-money sort 
of way, just as an experiment that might be made available for download 
for free.

Turns out Pages for Mac can export as epub format. And using Calibre 
(free ebook managing software) I can easily convert .epub files to .lit 
and others. Hmm...

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