[META] General question about ereaders

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Wed Apr 13 11:29:51 PDT 2011

In article <4DA5E9D0.50300 at gmail.com>,
Wil Alambre  <wilalambre at gmail.com> wrote:
>Just a general question about ereaders: how many people here use them? 
>Not necessarily for RACC but in general, for magazine, newspaper, book 
>reading? The iPad, the Kobo, the Kindle, the Nook, etc, and one of them. 
>I myself have an iPad and I regularly read epub format books through iBooks.

     I've read ebooks in the MobiPocket format for ages, and recently got an
iPod Touch, so I've transitioned to epub.  I also read PDFs on iBook, and
have a few other readers to handle formats iBook doesn't like as much (like
CBRs).  Generally, reading PDFs on an iPod is tough because they don't wrap
to fit and I have to scan around, but epub is easy enough to use and read.

     Of course, fixed width fonts seen on RACC are less friendly to an iPod,
but I expect a larger sized reader like an iPad or Kindle would have no
trouble.  And I bet Scavenger could (or has) whip up or find something to
rapidly convert our raw output into epub format.

     Dave Van Domelen, hadn't actually heard of the Kobo before today, but
this is not the first reference he's seen to it today.

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