MISC: One Day at Time #12

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Tue Apr 12 13:24:16 PDT 2011

                              Chapter 12:
                               What I Am

*The world is such a beautiful wonderful place, with fish flying and 
birds becoming great rockstars where the mice play but also cats so 
yeah. Life is beautiful and wonderful, too many things to do and eat 


Alex: AAAH!

John: AAAH!


Mike: Hi, guys. How are you?

Alex: Fine, just waiting for you to get up. How's your body?

Mike: *Waves hands around!* Not really hurting anymore.

John: *Complex scan taking all of 5 seconds.* Huh. You heal quickly, I 

Mike: So do you.

John: Well, not exactly. See, when I "Change", I summon a shield around 
me that protects me from harm. Well, most harm. I was only somewhat 
roughed up.

Mike: So everyone but me has something that helps them resist damage? I 
got the short end of the stick here.

John: ...aren't you immune to bullets?

Mike: Well, it's more like a punch than being totally immune. How do 
you know that?

John: When you came back from the bank the first time, you complained 
quite verbosely about it.

Mike: Took forever to get all the glass out of my tail.

Alex: *Looking at his stuff!* You play the violin?

Mike: Yeah, but only when I'm in the mood.

Alex: What mood is that?

Mike: Depressed angry sad unhappy miserable fu--

Alex: I got it! I got it!

Mike: What do *you* do when generally unhappy?

Alex: Eh, stuff.

John: Should we report back to the poilce guy?

Mike: He can wait. Well, while he waits for another five minutes, can I 
ask why you guys aren't at your jobs?

Alex: It's 7 P.M.

Mike: ...I knew that... That reminds me, did the factory call?

John: No.

Mike: Shit, then I lost my commission, and they lost their leader 
repair guy.

Alex: Leader repair guy?

Mike: They had a few things they need to repair and were kind of 


Bill: Okay, what needs to be repaired?

*Establishing shot of the repair guys acting like apes and... oranges? 
Yeah, I don't know either.*

Bill: That's a bit vauge.


Mike: Anyway, I need a job.

Alex: What about policeguy?

Mike: They could trace the checks they give to me.  Actually, they 
haven't even given me any checks yet. They might not give me checks!

Alex: Well, I think it's time we talked to them about that!

The Arch Mage: Agreed! Now everybody hold hands!

Sir Greg, Mike and The Arch Mage: *Hand-holding adventure!*

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