ASH: Coherent Super Stories #27 - Secret of the Silver Skull

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Mon Apr 11 21:30:11 PDT 2011

In article <io0a9m$td7$1 at>,
Scott Eiler  <seiler at> wrote:
>I'd have to say, this story was more like an info piece plus a prelude to the 
>next story, whatever that may be.  But I liked it.  When I say I'm partial to 
>writing dry info stuff myself, it's because I really *do* like to read it.

     I did almost just do it as an info piece, but then I remembered that one
of the high concepts of CSS itself is "messing about with formats".  :)

     Dave Van Domelen, was hardly original in telling a story via press
clippings, of course.

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