MISC/LNH: Movie Trailer #2

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 10 07:23:01 PDT 2011

               BEFORE HE WAS STOMPER

  "One possibility might be that he was replaced
                          with his evil twin"

                             HE WAS

         "Or his duplicate from another reality."


         "Or we could be in a collective dream and
       he is merely a projection of our subconscious."

                 BEFORE HE WAS IRONY MAN

"You know, Hex Luthor just wants what any president wants."

                               HE WAS

                     "Money, power, influence."


                         "World domination."


 "My fellow Americans, I do not recall funding Iran / Contra."

                       THEY HELPED START

                          "So, can you fly?"


             "Good.  Because it's hard to put everybody
              on the same splash page if nobody can fly."


        "We've been in suspended animation for decades?!
                            Did we miss anything?"

                               "Not really."


                 "Listen very carefully my old friend:
                      Reaganomics does not work."

                             "Shh.  I know."

                          LNH: FIRST CLASS


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