HCC18: It's Over... The Results Show! (2nd Posting)

Tim Munn drtimphd at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 20:04:27 PDT 2011

If the first post doesn't go through (because I made no back-up copy):

(Appropriate applause.)

There were a total of four votes. Thank you voters!  But, there was a

Biggest War Ever


Super wizard from Space.

Each received two votes.  Me, being the tie-breaker, have voted for,
and declare the winner of High Concept Challenge

(Dramaticism, for effect.)

Super Wizard from Space #1 by Wil Alambre

I now hand over the reigns of the High Concept Challenge.

(Insert much pomp and circumstance here.)

(Applause here.)

(Thank you's go here.)

(Good byes here. [Unless there is popular demand for High Concept
Challenge 18: THE SEQUEL])

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