StarFall: Silver Arrow #6: Trapped!

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>> Interesting.  I like how her helplessness isn't the focus here; it's her
>> and her brother facing off.
> Which was my intent, so I'm glad it came through.  To be honest, this
> was one of the harder scenes to write for this issue, even though I
> wrote it first.  I'm still not fully satisfied with it.

It's definitely well-done.

>> ...hmmmm, interesting.  So this, essentially, means Silver Arrow *does*
>> have some form of powers.
> o/` Not sayin' a word o/`  Let's just say, as he's shooting arrows
> with some very non-aerodynamic heads - you *did* catch my description
> of the bolas arrowhead in #1, right? - with pinpoint accuracy, there's
> a little bit more than just skill at work, even if he doesn't realize
> it.

Ah, excellent.  What was thought to be plot contrivance turns out to be
plot point!

>> My question is, why does he pay his best assistant ever so little that she
>> has to moonlight? `` Or is it less 'has' and more 'wants to'?
> More like "wants to".  Tabitha's sub-plot will intersect the main plot
> sooner or later, and not just because SA busted down the crack house
> in #5.

Interesting indeed!

>> Tsk tsk.  You really need to give more care and attention to reformed
>> supervillains than that.
> And yet, even with no formal education to speak of, she runs a package
> delivery service.  She's uneducated, but not stupid.  She's also not
> looking for a handout in getting said GED.

Oh, yeah.  I didn't mean moneywise, I meant
paying-attention-and-giving-moral-support to.

>> Man, my rent's low and I had to sign a 12-month lease!
> I lived in a place almost exactly as I described it for several months
> while living in Las Vegas a few years back.  About $99/wk for a
> studio, $139/wk for a 1BR, payable in either weekly or monthly
> installments.  This wasn't just "low-rent"; it was essentially
> "slums".  Which was ironic since it was in walking distance of the
> Fremont St. Experience.

Interesting.  I guess having Pittsburgh as the only big (relatively
speaking) city I've ever lived in has warped my perceptions a bit.

>> Ah, the classic Dream Sequence Battle Symbolizing Inner Struggle.
> Of course!  This, too, was one of the harder scenes to write - or at
> least to get started.  Two dozen false starts and a full waste basket
> of notebook paper later, and I got something suitable, I think.

I'm imagining you wearing a visor and suspenders, striped light falling
through the blinds in neo-noir black-and-white.

>> ...interesting.
> Never underestimate the power of a costume store!

To the Halloween Experience! *dunnanuna!*

>> Ah, that's who that was.  I think "oriental warrior" needed a bit more
>> detail.
> Yes, it did.  I just couldn't find a suitable image of him to get a
> decent description that wouldn't dominate the paragraph. :/

I would've put in "dressed as a warlord of the Han Dynasty" or something
along those lines.

> Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious (what with the "Orlando Bloom"
> comment), the elf was meant to be Legolas.  Due to copyrights and
> whatnot, however, I couldn't call him by name.  Referencing the actor
> who played him in the movies, though, doesn't violate things - I hope.

Nah, that's perfectly fine.  I got the reference, tho I didn't realize it
was actually *supposed* to be him.  Still worked, tho.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, a shot rang out!

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