StarFall: Silver Arrow #6: Trapped!

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On Mon, 4 Apr 2011 21:52:16 +0000 (UTC), Phantasm wrote:

>   "Silver Arrow turned you against me!"
>   "You did that yourself!" she called out, falling to the floor,
> openly sobbing.  "I don't know you anymore, Frank! How can I love
> someone I don't know?!"
>   Silence was the only answer she received.

Interesting.  I like how her helplessness isn't the focus here; it's her
and her brother facing off.

> Most jarring to all witnesses, however, was the
> fact that anything small and not secured shook uncontrollably as Arrow
> was wheeled past it.

...hmmmm, interesting.  So this, essentially, means Silver Arrow *does*
have some form of powers.

>   "I had cosmetic surgery," she told him, smiling nervously.
>   "You mentioned that before you went on vacation," he said.  "You
> didn't tell us how extensive.  Full anthromod package, it looks."

Yet more interesting.  I wonder where the technology for this came from?

>   "I don't, sir.  I ... I've been moonlighting as a dancer," she
> explained.  "The Catwalk.  Fourth and Wilcox.  They wanted to go
> themed...."  She paused and looked at him with big, pleading eyes.
> "Please don't fire me over this."
>   "Tabitha, Tabitha," Robert said, leaning back in his own chair.
> "Why would I fire the best assistant I ever had over something as
> petty as an anthromod?"  She smiled at this.

My question is, why does he pay his best assistant ever so little that she
has to moonlight? `` Or is it less 'has' and more 'wants to'?

>   Slowly he closed the door behind him and took a closer look at the
> place.  He'd never been here before; Fran didn't exactly hang out with
> Hugh and his friends, not attending UCLA.  He wasn't even sure if she
> had even graduated high school or gotten a GED, now that he thought
> about it.

Tsk tsk.  You really need to give more care and attention to reformed
supervillains than that.

>   The apartment was in a low-rent neighborhood, and was in a complex
> that charged weekly rates, no questions asked.

Man, my rent's low and I had to sign a 12-month lease!

> Opposite the sofa-bed
> was a small television atop a dresser, currently on DisneyXD and
> showing _Spectacular Spider-Man_ with the volume turned down low; Jeff
> couldn't help but chuckle at the irony.

See, in universes with a superhero tradition stretching back to WWII or
further, something like that existing would feel odd.  Here, though, it

>   Hugh ran through a mist-enshrouded forest.  He could hear the sounds
> of pursuit coming from behind him, as arrows flew past him.  He knew
> it was only a matter of time before one found its mark.

Ah, the classic Dream Sequence Battle Symbolizing Inner Struggle.

>   "I know."  Suddenly a thought occurred to him.  "Can you still still
> fit into your Catwoman Halloween outfit from a few years ago?"


> Hugh fights Artemis, Apollo, Robin Hood, and Lü Bu in the dream world

Ah, that's who that was.  I think "oriental warrior" needed a bit more

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